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Semi-Annual Small Business Needs Index: Strength and Optimism is Still Present

Fiverr Team
April 15, 2021

The past year was one that no small business could have prepared for as the COVID-19 pandemic forced worldwide stay-at-home orders and subsequent shutdowns. On top of their usual expectations to adapt to changing customer needs, many had to figure out how to digitally transform in order to survive. Now, over one year into the pandemic, many are still operating online or with limited in-person capacity.

Despite this, we’ve also seen strength and resilience in small businesses and entrepreneurs. Businesses are building back and finding new ways to reach their customers, people are still creating, and most importantly, recovery is in sight.

Millions of small business owners from around the world search every day for the things they need on Fiverr. The services they are looking for and search terms they use allow us to predict what’s important, what’s trending and what’s next for small businesses. When looking at services that have seen a significant increase in search over the past six months, five major global themes emerged. It is evident that these are areas where small businesses and entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts in order to to rebuild, to pivot and for some, to even start fresh.

Choosing Your Digital Storefront - Whether it is Amazon, Shopify, or Wordpress, Small Businesses are looking to create and optimize their digital presence.

  • Amazon virtual assistant, 778%
  • Shopify store design, 302%
  • Shopify sales funnel, 103%
  • Website design wix, 102% 
  • Wordpress theme customization, 63% 

How to Recover and Building Back - One year into the pandemic building back is top of mind, starting with a focus on stronger finances and higher profits.

  • Food delivery app, 117%
  • Crowdfunding, 115%
  • Quickbooks, 83%
  • Bookkeeping, 40%
  • Accounting, 33%

Creativity Becomes Cash - Whether they are following a passion or simply trying a new way to earn extra income, many creatives are turning their creativity into businesses. This is particularly evident in fashion.

  • Teespring promotion, 111%
  • Custom t-shirt design, 106%
  • Clothing design, 56%
  • Streetwear, 48%
  • Embroidery digitizing, 46%

Starting Something New - Being stuck at home has proven itself good for entrepreneurialism and innovation. Searches for services to help with starting a business have been steadily rising.

  • Business card design, 106%
  • Product mockup, 89%
  • Trademark, 82%
  • Market research, 54%
  • Brand Identity, 32%

Up and coming technologies - Business owners are tapping into technologies both new and old to help support their workflows and business processes. 

  • Getresponse, 91%
  • Elementor Pro, 89%
  • Cash App, 83%
  • Divi, 50%
  • Autocad, 32%

Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index also breaks down the fastest growing and most popular searches for businesses in Australia, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S. A country-by-country breakdown is viewable here.

Fiverr Team
Whether you’re scaling up your small business or building a brand from scratch, we’ve got the resources you need to keep you informed and at the top of your game.
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