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Package Design: How to Create the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Fiverr Team
August 23, 2018

If you've watched any YouTube videos recently —or, really, over the past decade—odds are you've seen an "unboxing experience" in which an eager customer carefully tears into packaging to get at the goodies inside. When it goes well, it's delightful to watch.What makes it go well? Neither the box nor the product. Nope, what makes an "unboxing" stand out are the thoughtful touches – the brand elements that show your product and company are unique. Once you've created the perfect package design, here are 5 ways to ensure an amazing "unboxing" experience for your customers.

1. A logo sticker or two to share

Every sale you make is an opportunity to market your products and company to other customers. Apple has known this for years, which is why every Mac you've ever bought came with a spare sticker featuring the company logo. You can still see them everywhere: on cars, on water bottles, on paper notebooks.Including a shareable sticker gives your most delighted customers the means and permission to show they're also fans. How do you get one? First, find a designer that specializes in logos and then connect with a local printer – your designer will get you the file they'll need to get your stickers ready.

2. Three business cards

Including a copy of your business card gives customers permission to contact you, the creator, because you care about their experience with your product. Adding a couple of extra cards gives them permission to spread the news to their friends who may also enjoy what you create. Best of all? You needn't settle for the cheapest option at Office Depot. High-quality business cards from a professional designer are more affordable than you think, and, with the right packaging, they may even become your cheapest source of leads.

3. A well-conceived list of instructions or user's manual

Whether you just include a simple step-by-step guide to get started or go the extra mile and include an entire magazine as part of the unboxing experience – as cycling "saddle" maker Brooks England does – your goal should be to give customers a sense of why they'll love your product (and what to do if they don't).Don't overthink the process. Instead, decide the two or three things you want your customers to know about your product and get some visual designs for how they can take advantage. Add your founding story, purpose, values, or whatever else you can think of to create an emotional link to your brand.

4. A coupon or voucher

The best time to sell is after you've made the first sale. Consider adding to your packaging a well-designed coupon with a code that's redeemable at your website. Or make it a voucher worth $5 for any purchase over $50. Either way, you've giving buyers a chance to expand their relationship with you right at their moment of maximum interest – during the initial unboxing.

5. A handwritten note on letterhead

When was the last time you received a hand-written note from a human being? A long time, right? Not if you're a member of Trunk Club. The men's mail-order clothier made its name in part by including handwritten notes on letterhead from stylists on why they'd picked certain outfits for their clients. You can replicate this experience easily by hiring a designer who'll create the letterhead and stationery you'll use for packing handwritten notes to customers.For ecommerce entrepreneurs, the unboxing experience replicates the experience of entering a storefront. The more memorable it is, the more likely it is customers will come back for more. Invest accordingly!What are your most memorable unboxing experiences? Tell us what made it stand out in the comments box below.

Fiverr Team
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