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OzzieUK: Conquering the World From a Little Town

Fiverr Team
October 1, 2013

"I live in a tiny little town in the Peak District in England, and there really isn't much here," says OzzieUK, also known as Wayne Austin. His design business also suffered greatly during the great recession. But none of that prevented Wayne from becoming a Top Rated Seller in less than two months of selling on Fiverr and achieving 50% world domination and a 100% positive rating across all his Gigs. Oh yes, he’s also a community moderator on the Fiverr Forum, helping others to achieve their dream in the Gig Economy. Congratulations to Wayne, our latest Super Seller!

How I Started on Fiverr

I started on Fiverr two years ago as a buyer. I was running my own web design and optimization company, and it quickly became apparent I could outsource a lot of the small tasks I needed done for a reasonable price. Colleagues of mine were also Fiverr buyers. After seeing the amount of money we were spending, I thought there had to be a real business opportunity here. About 10 months ago, I set up my first Gig just to test the waters, but it accelerated very quickly, and I was soon getting 10 orders a day. Then it jumped to 20 and 30 a day, and it has really been sustained for several months now, generating as much as $3,000 a month. I’ve done over 3,200 Gigs for people all around the world and have about 65 in my queue. I still buy a lot on Fiverr, of course, but now it’s mostly for fun—a lot from artists and designers.

Consistency Is My Key to Success

Because I worked in the service industry before, I know how important it is to deliver a consistent customer experience. I deliver the same level of service whether it’s a $5 customer or a $150 customer. The experience is exactly the same.I also have a consistent delivery process in place, including "reply-ready" documents, which gives buyers the confidence they will get the exact same product from me that they ordered six or seven months ago. It also means I'm not spending time typing out the same messages over and over again. Today, a lot of my buyers are repeat buyers. Some of them are even running their own businesses, so they really rely on the consistency of my product for what they deliver to their own customers.

Video is Massively Important

People like to buy from people, and video lets you introduce yourself to buyers. You can read all the text someone has written for their Gigs, but buyers don’t really want to read. They want to watch a video and really engage with a potential seller. They want to hear you explain the service. When my buyers watch my videos, they understand what I offer, and they get a real sense of who I am as a person.

The Possibilities Are Unlimited

When I started on Fiverr, I asked a lot of questions on the Fiverr Forum, and now as a community moderator, I answer a lot of them, which is really great because it's a chance to help people take advantage of the opportunity to make a substantial income here. If you work hard and consistently deliver a good customer experience, you can really make as much as you want. In the UK, there's something like 1.7 million unemployed young people. Wouldn't it be great if we could get Fiverr in front of them and say, hey, you can make money using the skills you’ve already got! There’s no other opportunity like that. Inspired by Wayne's story? Have advice to share? We’d love to hear it! Please post it in the comments below, on our forum or email us at

Fiverr Team
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