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Official Fiverr Blog | April 18, 2014

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Charmaine’s Fiverr Income Helped Her Adopt a Child #SuperSeller

April 9, 2014 | 55

Charmaine, known on Fiverr® as Boomsa, is a professional recruiter who has helped thousands of people get hired during her 15 year career.

Now, she uses her experience to help others get interviews through her Fiverr Gigs®, create a new résumé or cover letter and create a strategic cover letter for your résumé to ensure an interview.

Charmaine also has one of the most touching Fiverr stories we’ve heard. So, it makes us especially happy and proud to introduce you to Charmaine (and family!), our latest Super Seller.Read More

Congratulations to Makemebark, Our First Super Seller Couple

March 19, 2014 | 42

When Sebastiaan, originally from the Netherlands and Zummi, from the Maldives met online in 2004, they bonded over their shared passions for graphic design and illustration.

A little over two years ago, Zummi started working on Fiverr® to make money … Read More

Super Seller Feefeetr: Singing, Writing and Money Making on Fiverr

February 18, 2014 | 80

When Morissa, also known as Feefeertr, was just 12 years old, she created an extraordinary “goal list” after overcoming a life-threatening illness. Friends and family she shared the list with thought it was “cute,” but no one expected that she … Read More

Super Seller Givemeapps – Paid off his Student Loans with Fiverr

January 3, 2014 | 55

Harold Everton, known on Fiverr as Givemeapps, is truly an icon of the Gig® Economy. He’s a singer/songwriter with an MBA and teaches music to high school and college students, and is the CEO of the Givemeapps app store.

Congratulations Harold, you’re a Fiverr Super Seller!

When he discovered Fiverr, he knew he’d found a place to make money while doing what he loves. Known for his “energetic” personality and sense of humor, Harold offers video testimonials, jingles, commercials, live interviews, and much more.Read More

Super Seller Mymondo: The down payment for his house came from Fiverr!

December 19, 2013 | 76

Andy, a voiceover artist and Top Rated Seller on Fiverr, loves living in Denver with his wife and new baby. Thanks to Fiverr, he had the money to put a down payment on his house and is now working full-time from home, making money doing what he loves to do.

Andy, also known as mymondo, offers an extremely popular voiceover Gig, and was the spokesperson in our rollout video for the Fiverr iPhone App.

Congratulations to Andy, our latest Super Seller!Read More

Super Seller Logo_business: 2,400 Positive Ratings and Counting

December 1, 2013 | 89

Professional graphic designer Danilo, also known as logo_business, lives in a gorgeous city in southern Italy and has delivered more than 5,000 logos to Fiverr buyers. He’s also maintained a 100 percent rating on more than 2,400 votes, which is pretty amazing! Add to that a 20-day delivery time and yet his queue is always packed with new orders.

Congratulations to Danilo, aka logo_business, our latest Super Seller.Read More

Congratulations to Super Seller Bachas85

November 5, 2013 | 60

Barbara’s popular bilingual video, voiceover and scriptwriting Gigs® have received a 100 percent positive rating. An active member of our Fiverr forum, as Bachas85 she provides support and advice as one of our community moderators.

“When I got my first order, it felt amazing—even though it came from my brother. I translated content for his website. After a couple of months I finally made Level 1. I was super happy, but I wanted more!”

Congratulations to Barbara, our latest Super Seller!Read More

Super Seller OzzieUK: Conquering the World From a Tiny Little Town

October 1, 2013 | 101

“I live in a tiny little town in the Peak District in England, and there really isn’t much here,” says OzzieUK, also known as Wayne Austin. His design business also suffered greatly during the great recession. But none of that prevented Wayne from becoming a Top Rated Seller in less than two months of selling on Fiverr and achieving 50% world domination and a 100% positive rating across all his Gigs. Oh yes, he’s also a community moderator on the Fiverr Forum, helping others to achieve their dream in the Gig Economy. Congratulations to Wayne, our latest Super Seller!Read More

He Quit His Corporate Job To Do What He Loves: Super Seller Chris Hardy

August 29, 2013 | 146

Congratulations to chrishardy (aka Chris Hardy), a Top Rated Seller and our latest Super Seller! Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Chris is a musician and has been offering his vocal talents on Fiverr for nearly three years, netting more than $17,000. Best known for his cartoon voiceovers, Chris’s other Gigs include professional voiceovers, singing with an acoustic guitar or in 4-part harmony, writing lyrics and more. But Chris isn’t just a Fiverr star. He’s an icon of the Gig Economy.Read More

Going Mobile With Super Seller Ttzachii

May 20, 2013 | 161

Mobile apps are hot, and no one knows this better perhaps than our newest Super Seller.

Meet Ttzachii (a.k.a. Tzachi), a very popular seller here on Fiverr who builds custom mobile apps for many eager and highly satisfied customers. He started his Fiverr journey as a buyer about a year ago and quickly graduated to selling his mobile programming services. He did however start with low expectations, posting his Gig and not expecting much attention, unaware how eager buyers would be for his services.

Now Fiverr is his main source of income. More importantly, he now averages $30 to $50 per order.

Ttzachii shares how he’s now achieving financial indepence by selling on Fiverr. He reveals some secrets here, and a little inside wisdom as well.Read More