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Our Business Management Tool, Fiverr Workspace is Live!

Fiverr Team
November 8, 2021
Fiverr Workspace

Good news: the user experience on has been optimized into its most efficient version yet. Seven years ago, was founded to give businesses access to next-generation tools for managing, improving, and innovating their back-office operations. Fast forward to today, is now Fiverr Workspace-- touting the same intuitive features and adding new tools that help manage your business.

“While many members of our community run their business solely using the Fiverr marketplace, we know that this is not the case for everyone, and that some people have freelance businesses they run independently. Now, with Fiverr Workspace, they’ll be able to connect the two and manage all of their revenue streams through one, easy-to-use platform,” said Yonat Burlin, Head of Fiverr Workspace. “By integrating AND.CO with the Fiverr platform, we are creating an all-in-one solution not only for freelancers working on and off of Fiverr, but also for small business owners who are looking for support in managing the back-end of their business.” 

The full integration will take place in the coming months, and new tools and processes will include: 

  • New payment options - new options will enable users to work on a retainer, with invoices generated and sent automatically at predefined intervals. New personalization options also means that documents are always on-brand.
  • Automated tax day preparations - new and advanced business reports and automated tax prep that dig deeper than before. The system also provides easy access to top financial consultants on Fiverr who can help with accounting and tax needs. 
  • Improved UX design - from team logins and upgraded mobile apps to deeper connections with Fiverr and beyond, new options will be added to adapt Workspace to businesses’ unique needs and functions 

Fiverr Workspace is available in a freemium and unlimited version, with the unlimited version costing $24 per month or $216 for an annual subscription. For more information on Fiverr Workspace, click here.

Fiverr Team
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