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Need Last-Minute Holiday Marketing? Try Video Ads

Fiverr Team
December 15, 2022
Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is one of the most competitive times to attract customers. Insider Intelligence estimates sales will increase 3.3% to $1.262 trillion, with brick-and-mortar sales amounting to $1.026 trillion and e-commerce sales reaching $235.86 billion in late 2022.

It’s no secret that targeted video ads are one of the most effective ways to attract last-minute holiday shoppers. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can use to have merry sales in the season of giving.

What Are Video Ads?

Video ads are promotional materials within online video content. Some examples include social media video ads, native video ads, video content, and ads on news sites or e-commerce sites.

As the holiday season approaches, video ads are ideal for marketers looking to engage last-minute shoppers. In fact, 46% of consumers believe video is the best way to learn about a product while holiday shopping, followed by 35% who prefer to read and 19% who prefer to look at product photos.

How To Use Video Ads

Video ads and commercials are highly versatile marketing tools. By working with a Fiverr freelancer, you can get a custom video made to fit your needs and with a quick turnaround. Here are some of the best ways you can take advantage of video ads.

1. Advertise Holiday Promotions

One of the biggest reasons why the holiday season is popular is because of the sales leading up to the season of giving. Some examples include Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Boxing Day, and year-end season sales events.

If you’re running a sale, consider making a video ad featuring your deals and discounts. You can also make a video about holiday gift ideas to upsell your seasonal products or gift sets. Don’t forget to include details about the product price, promo period, and where they can buy these items.

For example, Gucci’s gift video is a holiday party featuring gorgeous items from their line-up.

2. Show How Products Function

How do your products work? How will customers use it? You’ll want to create product demo videos, especially for complicated or novel items. That way, customers understand how they can make use of the offered product. It also makes onboarding easier when there’s a video that customers can keep coming back to.

3. Promote Personal Storytelling

Videos give brands an opportunity to showcase heartfelt and genuine stories. Whether you’re a big or small brand, you can create videos about holiday traditions, family gatherings, and gift-giving. The plot line doesn’t have to be complicated to impress your audience. Instead, you should pick a theme that resonates with your audiences, like ‘friends’ or ‘family,’ and then think about the key message of your advertisement.

For example, Alessi's holiday video ad is about providing your loved ones with the gifts that you want yourself.

4. Promote Videos to Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is crucial to having a successful holiday marketing campaign. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, promote video ads to people within your community. You can post your ads on community pages or use geo-targeting to reach people in a specific location.

If you’re an e-commerce beauty brand, promote ads in online beauty communities or target those who have visited your website. Done right, you’ll be able to attract the most number of customers for your business.

5. Make Videos Part of Your Multichannel Marketing Campaign

Once your video is shared online, the experience doesn’t end there. Post them on other marketing channels like social media, emails, websites, and e-commerce stores. At the same time, you can widen your reach by sharing your videos on multiple channels.

Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers With Videos

Creating holiday videos feels tough, especially when the holiday season is so near. The good news is, Fiverr video professionals can help you create compelling holiday video ads and promotional video ads on a budget. Our experts can quickly come up with last-minute holiday marketing campaigns — so you’ll be on your way to attracting more shoppers this holiday season.

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