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Most Common Mistakes for Entrepreneurs to Avoid

Whit Walker
April 9, 2016
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We all make mistakes, it’s part of life, it's part of learning and it’s part of entrepreneurship. When you're bootstrapping through and cash flow is crucial, it’s important to try and minimize errors that could potentially set you back. Learning from the mistakes of others is one of the best ways to avoid making them yourself. Here are a few tips for staying on your game and avoiding some of the most common mistakes that people make.

Watch Your Cash Flow

Wherever your money is coming from, keeping tabs on your cash flow can help save a lot of headaches later. Too many times people get lost in the bookkeeping efforts and they might make unnecessary mistakes. Take a look at these do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping tabs on your cash flow, from Fox Business.

Taxes and Your Business

There’s nothing like tax season to stress an entrepreneur out. For those of you using Fiverr as the marketplace for your business, you might have a lot of questions on how exactly you should file when the time comes. To help ease your worries, Intuit compiled some of the most common questions and answered them so that you can move ahead with a little less stress.

Avoid Bad PR

Every business spends time and money on marketing, and making some of the worst yet most common blunders is a terrible way to waste your resources. Every cent that goes towards your PR efforts counts, and any PR mistakes can cost your business dearly. That’s why Forbes offers these common yet damaging PR mistakes so that you can avoid learning the hard way.

Have a Smooth Transition

Becoming an entrepreneur is no simple task, it requires a shift in almost every aspect of your life. Taking the leap from traditional job to starting your own business is sure to be full of learning experiences. However, there’s no reason not to learn from those who have already gotten some insight into what pitfalls new entrepreneurs should avoid. Take a page from someone else’s book and check out these mistakes that one entrepreneur wants to help you avoid. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made and how did you solve it and learn from it? Tell us in the comments!

Whit Walker
Category Manager at Fiverr. For work, I am focused on improving the Marketing & Tech Categories for both buyers and sellers. On my own, I love using the marketplace to pursue creative and side business pursuits.
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