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Micro Video Marketing: How to Go Viral on Tiktok and Instagram

Fiverr Team
September 15, 2021

Micro videos are king when it comes to modern marketing.

We’re exposed to them every day through social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, or Tiktok. A lot of people watch it because of the entertainment and educational value it provides.

Why are micro videos so popular? Here’s what you need to know about this effective marketing channel.

What are micro videos?

Micro videos are video clips that run from a few seconds to one minute.

Tiktok and Instagram are two of the most popular social platforms for micro videos.

Tiktok is filled with 60-second video clips. Here, users upload content featuring lip syncs, dances, comedy skits, viral challenges, and commentaries about society. Meanwhile, Instagram has Stories, IGTV, and reels which encourage users to upload their own micro videos.

What makes them so popular? A 2016 Microsoft consumer study found that the human attention span is 8 seconds. Hence, short and straightforward videos easily capture people’s attention.

A similar study discovered that nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer videos under a minute long. In addition, marketing campaigns with videos generate revenue 49% faster than those without.

Why do people like to watch micro videos?

Micro videos are short snippets of content that are fun to watch and easy to make.

They enable everyone to become a video creator and showcase their creativity. You won’t be tied to just watching content. Instead, you can participate in viral trends and share funny and inspiring clips which require minimal production and editing.

The combination of quick-to-consume content and interactive entertainment makes it a very appealing method of creative expression among ordinary people.

How to make micro videos?

Now, how can you make your own micro-videos? Here are the tips that you need to know.

1. Understand the purpose of video strategy

The first step is to define the goal of your marketing strategy.

Do you want to capture people’s attention through pure entertainment? Do you want to educate your viewers about your products and services?

Understand the needs of your target audience and the content which appeals to them. Think about the factors that will compel them to share, like, or buy your products.

The goal is to brainstorm micro video strategies which will pique their interest in your products and services.

2. Determine video format

Next, determine the video format which will resonate with your audience.

Should you launch a social media challenge? Will you create how-to content featuring food? Ideally, you should create brand-related micro videos that will compel viewers to watch and share it with others.

Athleisure brand Gymshark's Tik Tok page features people hitting their fitness goals, exercising in the gym, as well as humorous content.


Once you have a clear idea of the types of videos you want to create, then get started and make them. The great thing about micro videos is that they’re super short and easy to make or edit, even with just your smartphone.

3. Promote videos

People won’t view or share your micro videos if they don’t know it exists. You have to strategically promote it by creating campaigns in social media, email, SMS.

A good tip is to collaborate with influencers who are popular in your niche. This way, advertisers can get an opportunity to get their content shared by TikTok influencers that have generated a large following.

For example, MAC Cosmetics has gained more than 47,000 followers and 168,000 likes. Their content ranges from beauty inspiration and influencer collaborations.

To boost their fame, they collaborated with TikTok influencer Jena Frumes (@Jena) who has over 5 million followers. Her post featuring MAC’s latest matte lipsticks received over 1.9 million views and 350,000 likes.


4. Analyze results

Instagram and TikTok’s advertising platforms let brands target their desired audience, and analyze their results. Users can also target viewers based on their gender, age, location, browsing behavior, and interests.

Take advantage of these analytical features by consistently analyzing your results and experimenting with ways to improve them.

Hire a video creator or influencer to do the work for your company

Creating video content can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an outgoing personality or video editing skills.

The good news is that you can hire a Fiverr influencer or video creator to create attention-grabbing videos for your TikTok or Instagram account. These Fiverr professionals have worked with numerous brands so they’re bound to come up with ideas and strategies that will propel your business to success.

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