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Meet Your Small Biz Digital Makeover Winners!

Ben Conde
June 2, 2016
Fiverr Small Biz Digital Makeover campaign

As the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, we understand the importance and necessity of building a business online. For so many of our buyers, the reason they turn to Fiverr is to find professional services they can’t afford to hire in-house. Which gave us an idea: why don’t we rally small businesses across the country, and support them in their effort to transform their online presence? And just like that, the Small Biz Digital Makeover campaign was born. We enlisted the help of small biz guru Gary Vaynerchuk to bring this opportunity to three national markets: New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. “What struck me most about the businesses that signed up for the ‘Small Biz Makeover’ was the diversity and quality of their stories,” said Gary Vaynerchuk. “All of these businesses have a massive opportunity to up their game and there’s no better time than now to take that step. ”After receiving over 700 entries, we’re thrilled to unveil our 9 winning businesses. They’ll each receive $3,000 in Fiverr services to overhaul and optimize their digital brand. Check out the businesses below, how they help their communities, and what excites them most about their impending digital makeover.

New York City Winners

Kicking The Spectrum

What does your business provide to the city and local community? We work with local special needs schools providing a unique adaptive physical education in the form of martial arts. We also help many non-profits fund-raise for their organizations.

What does it mean to win? Being selected to receive this grant will allow us to be more competitive in the crowded arena of the digital age. We’ll be able to showcase the uniqueness of our program, which will allow for greater partnerships and growth!

Harlem Bar-B-Q

What does your business provide to the city and local community? Harlem Bar-B-Q is neighborhood institution. We are a meeting place for hundreds of people each week we have a very loyal customer base. Our theme is "Old Harlem" and we try to pay homage to the history of the area. We also host local comedians & musicians at special events giving people a chance to perform at the earliest stages of their careers.

What does it mean to win? First we’d really like to thank everyone at for this great opportunity. We’ve been going 100 MPH non-stop getting this new location up and running, and our digital presence has fallen by the wayside. We already have the best Bar-B-Q around, now we’ll have the online presence to match.

City Owl Press

What does your business provide to the city and local community? City Owl Press publishes books on romance and speculative fiction. We are by authors for authors, helping people bring their works to life and into the hands of discerning readers. Our founders are native New Yorkers who bring city life and passion to the written page.

What does it mean to win? This will streamline and energize our business. We’ve wanted to create a dynamic impact on the publishing industry since our beginning, and this will allow us to capitalize on our business plan. Thank you so much Fiverr!

Chicago Winners

Tech Breakdown

What does your business provide to the city and local community? We provide services in computer building, we build computers from the casual e-mail checker to small businesses who need server sets.

What does it mean to win? This opportunity will allow us to build our YouTube channel, and manage our site and Twitter more effectively. Most importantly, we are getting these resources from the great community at Fiverr, and having so many talented creators help us is what will make Tech Breakdown shine.

Chicago Fit Performance

What does your business provide to the city and local community? Helping people live a healthier lifestyle. We coach people to burn fat, build muscle and get stronger with smart program design, coaching a support. We use fitness as a vehicle to transform people's lives for good.

What does it mean to win? Our mission is to help people become a better version of themselves. The Digital Makeover from Fiverr will help us reach more people in the area, including people who haven’t heard of us.

The Scholarship Man

What does your business provide to the city and local community? I provide professional college planning services to high school students. Using my experience as a former admissions counselor at a selective university in Illinois, I show Chicago high school students what college are looking for in admission prospects and I show them how to maximize scholarship dollars; which in turn means less college debt. The vast majority of students I work with are low income, minority students who crucially need my services.

What does it mean to win? I could not be more excited to have this opportunity to use this makeover to more effectively provide excellent college counseling services to urban youth in my hometown of Chicago.

San Francisco Winners

One Life Counseling Center

What does your business provide to the city and local community? We provide innovative counseling services and programs to schools and and community. We provide a music and memory program to Mission hospice to provide customized iPods for the dying and memory impaired

What does it mean to win? We are a team with big hearts and a big dream, but we have no budget and no digital skills. Fiverr has gifted us with the ability to create a digital exterior that matches the interior.

Pastelito Peru

What does your business provide to the city and local community? High quality, unique pastries - made with love from scratch.

What does it mean to win? We now have a wonderful opportunity to reach more people through digital marketing and brand promotion, to share and spread our love— one pastry at a time.


What does your business provide to the city and local community? The world needs visionaries. Visionaries who visualize, explore, and make positive changes in their city and local community. We inspire visionaries in the San Francisco Bay Area to identify their passions and enjoy helping them with advancing their life's work forward. Here is a quick overview of our audacious vision:

1) Initiate project speakvisionary, an inspirational robot, designed to organize the information of the future. Our global army of inspirers will use project speakvisionary to prepare visionaries for the jobs by analyzing futuristic data.

2) Help teens with launching their dreams by operating at the intersection of education, technology and change making. In the San Francisco Bay Area, young people are provided with one on one coaching where they practice visionary leadership, establish weekly goals and master entrepreneurship at a young age.

What does it mean to win? Our vision for organizing the information of the future to help teens with launching their dreams is now possible thanks to this contest.Thank you again to all of the small businesses who took the time to enter the Small Biz Digital Makeover. And to our winners- we can’t wait to see the amazing things to come for you and your business!Congratulate the winners in the comments below!

Ben Conde
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