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Learn How to Code Without School

Fiverr Team
November 18, 2022

No. You don’t need a formal education to learn how to code on a professional level.

Yes. It’s not going to be easy.

Learning how to code involves bigger responsibilities than sitting in class and following instructions from a licensed educator.

The first challenge: Find the right resources and learning platforms that match your goals.

Why Learning to Code is an Important Skill

Coding as a skill isn’t just for individuals who want to have a career in programming.

Granted, the coding industry is filled with lucrative employment opportunities, especially in today’s digitally-driven world. But apart from unlocking high-paying career choices, honing your coding skills also leads to other benefits:

  • Programming literacy lets you be more productive with software. Understand how software works to easily learn advanced app features and maximize productivity.
  • Build a stellar resume. Add coding skills to your resume and impress employers who rely heavily on software in their day-to-day operations.
  • Make money with coding side hustles. Join countless programmers who make money from side gigs on freelancing marketplaces.
  • Turn your hobby into a business. Use your coding skills to create mobile apps, websites, games, or anything in line with your passion and turn it into a profitable business.

5 Ways You Can Learn to Code for Free (or Nearly Free)

Without further ado, here are five ways you can learn how to code for free (or almost free):

1. Join Free Learning Platforms for Coding

Leverage free or donation-based learning platforms to master the coding skills you need.

The internet is rich with free learning resources for aspiring programmers, including “how to” guides and step-by-step tutorials. However, it’s more efficient to find a comprehensive learning platform specifically for coding.

You just need to look for the right platform that matches your preferences and goals.

freeCodeCamp.org, for example, contains over 9,000 straightforward tutorials on profitable coding topics, like frontend development, Python, Full Stack, and web development. They also offer certifications in hard, employable skills like responsive web design, data visualization, data analysis, and information security.

An alternative to freeCodeCamp.org would be Codeacademy, which is a freemium learning service with free basic courses.

For a small monthly fee, Codeacademy users can access advanced features like real-world projects, personalized practice tools, and auto-graded assessments.

2. Hire Freelance Coding Tutors

For more personalized learning experiences, look for freelance coding tutors who specialize in the language you want to learn.

Hiring freelance coding tutors is significantly more affordable than enrolling in a full-on programming course. On Fiverr, you can find highly-rated coding tutors that charge as little as $10 per hour.

Freelance tutors are also more flexible in terms of schedule and teaching methods. They can also focus on teaching real, practical coding skills you can use rather than theories.

3. Join Harvard’s Free Online Coding Courses

Harvard University offers a library of free online programming and computer science courses.

Some of the available introductory courses are game development, Python-based Machine Learning, and programming with Scratch. Despite the limited variety, these self-paced courses are comprehensive and may take several weeks to complete.

4. Watch Free YouTube Courses

Learn coding at your own pace by watching educational coding videos on YouTube—free of charge.

YouTube is the internet’s go-to source of free coding courses. With frequently-updated channels like Intellipaat, Programming with Mosh, The StudyTube Project, and Learn Coding, you’ll never run out of lessons to learn.

5. Invest in Paid Online Courses from eLearning Platforms

Paid eLearning platforms, including LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Coursera, offer a wealth of learning resources on coding.

Some eLearning platforms offer free courses, whereas others offer free trials. Regardless, you need a paid subscription to make substantial learning progress with these services.

Try Your Hands at Coding Today

If you’re looking for quick progress, hiring your personal coding tutor is the best approach.

Freelance coding tutors can adjust their teaching methods and topics according to your goals.

If you want to get something done today, or if you have specific problems you’re trying to solve, a professional tutor will teach you the steps while equipping you with the know-how to do it yourself next time.

Start today with one of Fiverr’s top-rated coding tutors.

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