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Is Cosplay Here to Stay? And How Can You Profit from It?

Fiverr Team
March 29, 2022

Are you ready to jump-start your creative endeavors while totally nerding out and making extra cash at the same time? If you're shaking your head, yes, it's high time you start thinking outside of the box to satisfy those childlike fantasies and generate some revenue too.

Here's everything you need to know about cosplay, why it's such a big deal, and how you can take advantage of a burgeoning market to claim your very own piece of the pie.

What Is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a portmanteau (aka frankenword) that combines the terms "costume" and "play." While the name seems pretty self-explanatory, there's a lot more to Cosplay.

Essentially, cosplay describes an activity that consists of an individual or group who enjoys dressing up, piecing together elaborate outfits, and play-acting. Cosplay or "role-playing" participants will often portray a favorite character or style popularized in anime, comic books, graphic novels, video games, television series, movies, and other creative outlets.

The general concept of cosplay has been practiced over the years, beginning with early incarnations at science fiction conventions dating back to the 1930s. "Fan costumes" became popular and were first primarily based on comic strips about space travel and Martians, in particular.

Of course, the term "cosplay" wasn't coined until the 1980s, with the emergence and popularity of video games and the evolution of comic book heroes.

Why Is Cosplay a Growing Trend in Fashion?

Cosplay in fashion design has noticeably made some big moves over the last decade. Cosplay was often stereotyped as a hobby for super nerds and outsiders for many years. While these should not be considered negative attributes, it's no secret that cosplay has not exactly been voted most popular or most likely to succeed in high school.

However, in the last decade or two, thanks to the gigantic Marvel movie franchise and other heavy hitters in the creative entertainment industries, we've seen an enormous uptick in interest and participation in the cosplay world. Comic-Con has had a massive hand in sensationalizing the phenomenon by hosting annual events in cities worldwide, with its most famous and original honing in on the bustling southern California culture of San Diego.

Cosplay's Popularity on TikTok and Instagram

Once the pandemic hit hard in 2020, the coveted world of cosplay conventions became nonexistent. Fans of cosplay suddenly had no physical outlet, which is a major part of the hobby. Dressing up as favorite characters with friends while commingling with each other and fostering newly made connections is how many folks find new inspiration, tips, and tricks of the trade and hobby.

Fortunately, cosplay fans did what practically every other industry in the world did, and they took it online. With the help of popular TikTok and Instagram influencers, a bustling online community blew up. Decked-out fans dressed up as their favorite characters throughout the last couple of years and have churned out a ton of diverse and entertaining content, including comedy sketches, how-to videos, internet challenges, and much more. Even as the world begins to open up more and in-person events are happening again, the world of social media has helped bolster interest and growth in this unique hobby.

How Are People Making Money with Cosplay?

This hobby can quickly turn into a lucrative money-generating source of income. In today's gig-based economy, it's not hard to find work or make some extra cash on the side with cosplay. The sky is truly the limit, with no boundaries when it comes to creativity, and no one's going to knock you for going over the top. In fact, it's highly encouraged!

You can get super creative when it comes to monetizing cosplay, and you get to do something you love at the same time. Here are some of the most profitable ways people are making money with Cosplay:

  • Convention Appearances
  • Crowdfunding via Patreon or Ko-Fi
  • Branded merchandise
  • YoutTube and other videos
  • Online Subscriptions
  • Influencer marketing

Start Making Extra Cash with Cosplay Today

There are so many possibilities to uniquely express oneself via Cosplay. Not only are you getting to dress up and do something you love, but you can also generate a steady supply of extra income if you play your cards right.

Whether you're looking to supplement finances in your modeling and fashion careers, or simply love showing off your rad costumes on your bustling social media profiles, Cosplay might be a great option. Fiverr's platform for freelancing is the perfect place to get started. Set up a Seller's profile and get your costumes ready. Let's make some money!

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