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Introducing Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index

Abby Forman
March 25, 2020

As a small business owner, prioritizing services and tools for your company in today’s ever-changing landscape can feel overwhelming. While there are limitless articles and content focusing on the initiatives of larger brands and companies, a business strategy is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’re releasing our first-ever Small Business Needs Index, which ranks the top services, tools, and tactics that can help small businesses succeed.

Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index analyzes data from millions of searches on our platform to identify the largest increases for business services. This growth data therein has the unique ability to predict the products, platforms and tools that small businesses are looking for to help support future success. 

Key takeaways include: 

New ways of engaging audiences through social media is crucial. 

Social media has never been more crowded than it is right now, which is why people are turning to professionals to find unique ways to cut through the noise. From finding experts to help them appeal to the “TikTokers” of the world, to amping up influencer marketing efforts, small businesses are looking to capitalize on these new channels to engage their audiences, especially for younger audiences.

E-commerce efficiency has never been more important. 

Content may be king, but efficiency is still key when it comes to e-commerce. In order to compete with the quick fulfillment that direct-to-consumer and major e-commerce companies can offer, small businesses need to rely heavily on simple commerce solutions, like Clickfunnel, Shopify stores and SEO, to bring new audiences to their sites and simplify the user experience all the way through checkout.

Online technology performance is no longer just a concern for the big guys. 

Having an online and mobile presence is now the norm for all businesses, but having a presence isn’t enough. They need to make sure they have the right technology in place to provide the best user experience. A rise in searches for pros to help with Android App Development, Django, and WordPress Speed Optimization makes it clear that strong app and web performance is top of mind for all.

We also looked at the search trends on our marketplace and have identified the top ten fastest growing searches over the previous six months:

  • TikTok, 73% increase
  • SEO Keyword Research, 67% increase
  • Shopify Store, 53% increase
  • WordPress speed optimization, 45% increase
  • Instagram Influencer, 42% increase
  • Architecture, 36% increase
  • Podcast Promotion, 34% increase
  • Facebook Marketing, 31% increase
  • Django, 27% increase
  • Android App Developer, 22% increase

Check out the top 3 needs for small businesses in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Spain below. 

Abby Forman
Abby Forman is a Senior Public Relations Manager at Fiverr overseeing U.S. and international communications for the company. She focuses on pushing the products, the initiatives and the policies that help to grow Fiverr’s footprint and global community.
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