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Introducing Fiverr’s Real Estate Store

Yonat Rauner Trieger
December 5, 2019

It’s no surprise that knowing how to hustle is key for succeeding in the real estate industry. With the market constantly changing and evolving, the ability to work swiftly is crucial for building and maintaining a successful business. The average agent spends a large amount of time handling everything from admin work to marketing to managing their listings and more. While no two days are the same, sometimes assistance with even the smallest tasks can go a long way, and that’s where Fiverr can help.

Today we’re launching our Real Estate Industry Store to meet the growing needs of real estate brokers, agencies, and developers. Real estate professionals from across the globe will have access to skilled freelancers offering digital services for Logo Design, Business Cards, Website Content, Social Media Design, Virtual Staging, 3D Floor Plans, Local Photography, Slideshows & Promo Videos, and more.

Our curated store provides an immediate solution for all digital and creative real estate needs. Whether it’s improving or establishing your online presence, creating physical and digital assets to help obtain leads, or designing a logo or business card, everything you need is available in Fiverr’s Real Estate Industry Store. Ready to get started?

Visit our store today.

Yonat Rauner Trieger
Yonat Rauner Trieger is the Graphics & Design Vertical Manager at Fiverr, focused on developing and growing the Design categories for both buyers and sellers. Former Architect and Designer with 8+ years of experience in planning, designing and leading large complex projects
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