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How Whiteboard Videos Change Digital Marketing

Whit Walker
August 23, 2016
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The popularity and power of whiteboard and explainer videos are quickly changing the way brands and businesses tell their stories online. With more than half of people watching online video everyday, digital marketers are increasingly turning to the medium for brand awareness and overall user engagement.

Whiteboard and explainer videos will help companies sell more.

Brief, affordable, easy-to-digest and shareable, explainer videos are the perfect vehicle for explaining a business model, product, complex concept or system in just a few minutes. Marketers are continuing to experiment by using whiteboard and explainer videos at critical points in the sales and engagement funnel and it’s working. Videos are second to none when it comes to educating users, with short product demos and tutorials (also known as “micro demos”) driving conversions across the retail, B2B and B2C markets. According to comScore, adding a video to a retail landing page makes users 64% more likely to convert. And a Forrester Marketing Group study found that explainer and whiteboard videos do even better in email—with a 51% increase in conversions when video is used in email marketing campaigns and click-through rates increasing by another 200-300%.

Whiteboard and explainer videos will become more interactive and personalized.

It’s predicted that 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video by 2019, the popularity and dominance of video content as it relates to marketing is indisputable. Industry experts are predicting changes to the medium that will drive even greater engagement. Look for more interactivity in the future – clickable videos that allow you to make in-video purchases or integrated surveys, questionnaires, quizzes or other content features that will turn static videos into lead generation tools, allowing marketers to collect insights from potential customers as they move through a dynamic content journey. Also look for greater personalization features, with videos populating with dynamic content that has been tailored per individual customer. Rather than watching a one-size-fits-all explainer video on a product site’s homepage, future consumers will watch videos that address them by name, recognize their unique place in the customer journey, and automatically supply them with bespoke content experiences informed by those data points.

Distribution for whiteboard and explainers will expand across channels.

While there was a time when whiteboard and explainer videos lived almost exclusively on a brand or business’s website with a second home base on YouTube, video distribution and consumption patterns are dictating a major shift away from that paradigm. Now, social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are equally important venues for distribution and consumption, with users watching some 100 million videos per day on Facebook alone. As we look to the future, watch for even more ways to distribute and consume video content, especially across emerging social platforms, and expect for marketers to become even more creative in the ways they engage consumers with video content online.

Video analytics for whiteboard and explainers will get better and more important.

Video content allows for detailed tracking when it comes to the viewing habits of users. Unlike with static, text or image-based content (which requires little interactivity to consume) video content can be tracked as it plays. Armed with information about how many views a video received, how many seconds were watched, when a user clicked-through or dropped off, marketers can adjust and fine-tune their videos, optimizing content and placement according to data trends and user behavior. It’s just another example of the many ways in which video content is making marketers better – in order to compete in today’s hyper-connected, overcrowded playing field you have no choice but to adapt and get better.

New applications for whiteboard and explainer videos will emerge.

Whiteboard and explainer videos are turning up everywhere—in onboarding videos for new employees, in specialized training sessions for existing team members, explaining the method of action for a prescription drug at the doctor’s office, and demonstrating a new product at a live event. As whiteboard and explainer videos become less expensive and easier to source and create, new applications and uses will continue to emerge.

Brands and marketers will turn to specialists to create whiteboard and explainer videos.

In order for businesses and brands to scale their content production at a pace that meets consumer demand, video production talent (designers, animators, videographers, editors, scriptwriters and voiceover actors) will play a critical role in the future of digital marketing. While larger brands are likely to create their own in-house team of specialists, smaller businesses and startups will likely be turning to creative service marketplaces to find the kind of talent they need to meet consumer expectations. Browse through the Fiverr whiteboard and explainer subcategory to create, update, or receive advice from professionals within the field.Online marketing channels have made it easier (and less expensive than ever) to reach your target audience.

In today’s constantly evolving digital landscape, marketers can no longer rely on what were once their tried and true tactics for reaching consumers; in order to keep pace with advancements in technology and changes within the industry they must become adept and emboldened risk-takers. But for those willing to take the risk, it’s also a time of tremendous opportunity.

Whit Walker
Category Manager at Fiverr. For work, I am focused on improving the Marketing & Tech Categories for both buyers and sellers. On my own, I love using the marketplace to pursue creative and side business pursuits.
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