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How to Use Fiverr to Manage a Successful Dropship Business

Fiverr Team
October 23, 2020

E-commerce business has taken off exponentially this year thanks to Covid-19 and bored shoppers sitting at home. As the world of online shopping and e-commerce continues to explode, people from all walks of life are opening online stores to get a piece of the action. Many new entrepreneurs are finding success selling online using dropshipping services offered by larger companies.If you are out of work, starting a dropship business could be a great way to supplement income while you plan your next move. Starting an online store could even be that next move! If anything, it will help ease your boredom and make you some extra cash.Are you ready to give the world of online retail a shot? Here are a few things you should know first, and some tips on how you can manage your dropshipping business successfully with Fiverr.

What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a method of fulfilling retail orders online without stocking the product inhouse. Essentially, you list the products you want to sell on your website or marketplace as if you had them in stock yourself. Once you receive an order, you forward it to a third party, and they fulfill the order and ship it directly to your customer.Of course, there arepros and consto using dropshipping as your primary method of fulfilling online orders.


  • There is little to no overhead when starting your business.
  • It allows you to explore different products to see what fits best. 
  • You won't have to stock items you don't have room for or that don't sell.
  • It leaves time to focus on more critical aspects to help overall growth, like SEO and marketing. 


  • Over-flooded markets create too much competition. 
  • Low-margin sales are commonplace, so it takes more to break even.
  • It can be tough to keep up with SEO, which affects your search rankings and whether people see your listings in Google. 
  • You may run into stock issues if your supplier is out, which can negatively impact your sales and customer service. 

It's Tough to Do it All On Your Own

You will quickly realize that there are many moving parts when it comes to setting up and managing a dropship business. First, you have to find the right marketplace to list products or set up an entire website yourself. You then have to decide on which products you'd like to sell and find a reliable supplier who stocks the items and will ship them for you. You then have to find the right marketplace to list products or set up an entire website yourself. You may even have to supply your own product photos and write up descriptions for each listing.Don't forget about SEO, marketing, and social media! If you want high rankings in Google, you'll have to be sure you have high-quality SEO written into your website's back end. You'll need to set up social media for your business, too, so you'll need to gather compelling creative assets that look great and provide insight into what your business is all about. You'll eventually want to run ads on these platforms and possibly Google to extend your reach and broaden your audience. Once the orders begin to pile in, you'll have to handle customer service, returns, chargebacks, and other duties you probably didn't think of before.Suddenly, your not only the CEO of your new business but also a logistics coordinator, product researcher, website builder, SEO expert, copywriter, marketing manager, social media specialist, customer service...the list goes on. As you can see, there are many hats to wear when you start an online store or website. How do you do it all without burning yourself out?That's where Fiverr can step in and help. You can use Fiverr gigs for any of the tasks we've talked about in this article. Our team of expert freelancers will help set up your business for growth and success without you ever feeling hampered down or overwhelmed.

Here are Some of the Best Fiverr Gigs to Scale Your Dropshipping Business 

There are freelancers out there waiting for you. It's just a matter of building the right team for your business. Check out these essential Fiverr categories to set up and manage your e-commerce like a pro.

E-commerce Development

Explore this category to find expert e-commerce development freelancers who can help you build the perfect Shopify store, or create and customize a website from scratch. You can hire a consultant and find the right admin services to run and optimize your site.

E-commerce Management

Fiverr's e-commerce management services will help you find a product specialist who can find and research the best products to sell and where to source them. You can even find someone to manage your store for you.

Digital Marketing

From e-commerce marketing strategists to social media managers, our digital marketing services are all-encompassing.Hire a technical SEO expert to increase your web traffic or hire a professional to help you plan and strategize ad campaigns and web analytics.

Graphics & Design

Hire a design expert to create custom social media graphics, or to design your website or mobile app. Find a freelancing expert to build and develop your brand identity. No matter what your graphic needs are, you will find it with Fiverr's graphic designers.

Writing & Translation

From articles and blog posts to product descriptions and copywriting, our seasoned team of freelance writers is here to help you with any writing your e-commerce business will need.

Get it all done with Fiverr gigs. 

The possibilities are endless, and Fiverr is here to help make them happen. Start searching these freelancing categories and gigs to develop a team that will help you manage your dropshipping business and realize the success you deserve.

Fiverr Team
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