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How to Use Fiverr to Fuel Print-On-Demand Business

Nicolo Grossi
September 4, 2019
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Print-on-demand (POD) businesses are booming right now and it’s no secret as to why.

Low overhead and risk? Check.

Easy to get started and scale? Double-check.

The beauty of POD is that so many of your business’ key tasks can be delegated and outsourced to freelancers.

In other words, you get to run the show and build your print empire without pricey hires or full-time employees.

The catch? If you want your POD business to stand out from the crowd and actually grow, you’re going to need some serious freelance talent on deck.

And that’s exactly where Fiverr comes in.

Here’s How Fiverr Freelancers Can Scale Your POD Business 

Whether you’re dropshipping or printing products yourself, assembling your own Fiverr freelance team is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to scale your business. Below are some ways to exactly that.

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1. Work with a Freelance Designer to Make Your Print Products Pop

The top priority of any print-on-demand business is putting together unique, buzz-worthy designs that customers actually want to buy.

Unlike apparel or print brands with name recognition, an up-and-coming POD business is only as good as its designs.

Working with a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr is a smart first step toward creating eye-popping products. 

Whether you have a rough concept or not, skilled freelancers can run with your instructions or create something totally from scratch. 

Once you have the rights to your designs, you can reproduce them again and again. If you have an existing design, you can also hire a freelance photo editor to make minor tweaks.

From t-shirts and apparel to posters and stationery, there's a freelancer out there that can bring your vision to life. Check out how Fiverr graphic design wizards like WowYellow have created professional, shop-ready designs on behalf of dozens of satisfied clients.

Made on Fiverr by WowYellow, Top rated seller

2. Give Your Business’ Branding a Much-Needed Makeover

Reality check: running a POD business is more about your individual products.

Think about apparel giants like Nike, Gymshark or Supreme. They’re more than just apparel companies: they represent massive, memorable brands.

Likewise, your POD business shouldn’t be just another face in the crowd. The right branding creatives can do the trick as you seek to stand apart from competitors in your space.

Fiverr logo design is ideal for POD businesses looking to establish their brands with a sense of professionalism. 

Logo designers can help you come up with concepts and color schemes that not only look sharp but also catch the eyes of potential shoppers. 

And again, don’t sweat it if you don’t know exactly what you want. A freelance logo design expert can come up with something based on your products and target audience in no time.

3. Let an Ecommerce Expert Set Up (and Supercharge) Your Storefront

Beyond your individual branding creatives, consider hiring a web designer to ensure that your brand’s storefront makes a strong first impression on shoppers.

And speaking of which, setting up a POD storefront can be daunting for first-timers. Thankfully, there are useful resources and tons of Shopify experts on Fiverr who can help get your ecommerce store up-and-running in a snap. These same experts can audit and optimize your current storefront to ensure that it’s optimized for speed, conversions, and essential plug-ins.

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4. Uncover New Customers via Social Media

Social media marketing is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but especially for print-on-demand.

One huge benefit of POD is that you can directly target relevant buyers via social media ads. 

For example, Facebook ads allow you to zero in on target locations, demographics, and users based on their Facebook interests. If you sell babywear or printed apparel for younger children, you could target your ads to users who follow mommy blogs or fit a specific age range.

The problem? Facebook’s ad platform can be pricey and complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where a freelance social media ad specialist comes in handy to help take the reins of your ad campaigns.

You can also use a freelance social media manager to grow your audience organically and get your prints in front of more potential customers. 

Since POD businesses sell physical products, it’s common for such companies to be active on Facebook and Instagram. Working alongside a social marketing expert, you can come up with a marketing strategy that shows off your products and drives more social traffic to your storefront.

5. Hire SEO Writers to Boost Your Store’s Search Presence

Print-on-demand business, like all companies with a web presence, need organic search traffic. It is essential for any ecommerce site.

And winning that traffic from search engines doesn’t happen by accident.

Whether you want to start a blog or simply optimize your on-site content, there’s a reason why much of the freelance writing available on Fiverr revolves around SEO.

Let’s say you want to target keywords for your print apparel such as “custom Italian pride T-shirts” or “anime graphic tees.” You can find a skilled freelance SEO copywriter to create custom content centered around those terms that are pure gold to Google. You can also hire those same writers to get your business' blog up and running.

fiverr ecommerce marketing services

6. Convert More Customers with Skilled Copywriters

Although so much of POD revolves around catching shopper attention with your product photos and branding, don’t neglect the importance of copy.

For example, your brand can benefit from telling a compelling story versus being just another print-on-demand business on the block. Well-optimized product descriptions can convert more customers and help you rank in search engines, too.

Think that there’s not much to say about your products? Think again! A skilled freelance copywriter can make a seemingly ordinary print item sound like a million bucks. 

On a related note, many of the most popular freelance copywriting jobs are for product description writers. No matter the size or scope of your inventory, these wordsmiths can do the legwork of writing unique descriptions for each of your products. Doing so on your own is tedious and might mean you miss out on opportunities to optimize your copy. 

7. Consult an Experienced Marketer to Guide Your Business Strategy

If you’ve never navigated the digital marketing world as a POD business, having an experienced marketer guide your strategy is a no-brainer.

After all, marketing for print-on-demand is unique. You obviously don’t want your business to look too “templated” as many POD companies unfortunately do. Additionally, running ad campaigns without some guidance is a surefire way to burn through cash.

That’s why we recommend hiring freelance digital marketing strategists to help you come up with a marketing roadmap. Working with someone with legitimate ecommerce experience can help you put together a long-term plan or tackle a short-term campaign.

If nothing else, working with a freelancer can give you a second opinion or peace of mind as you get your business off the ground.

Remember: When in Doubt, Go Pro!

As a side note, make sure to check out Fiverr Pro if you want the best of the best in terms of our freelance talent. These rockstars have proven track records and can tackle just about any project related to your POD business.

Ready to Step Up Your Print-On-Demand Business?

If you want to scale your POD business, you can’t afford to go it alone.

On the flip side, Fiverr freelancers have the exact skill sets you need to grow your business without blowing out your budget.

Need freelance marketing experts to run your ads? Want to explore freelance writing gigs and create content to boost your conversions? Fiverr’s talent can make it happen sooner rather than later.

If you haven’t already, start your search to take your POD business to the next level!

To Do List

  • Hire a graphic designer to create eye-popping products
  • Get the right branding creatives to stand out from competition
  • Hire an ecommerce specialist to quickly help get your ecommerce store up-and-running
  • Target relevant buyers via social media ads
  • Hire an SEO expert to optimize your online store
  • Hire a copywriter to write killer product descriptions
  • Find a marketing strategist to help you plan you online strategy
  • Learn more about starting a POD store with Shopify
Nicolo Grossi
SEO & content marketing expert with 7+ years experience, working at Fiverr since 2016 Nicolo is responsible to follow and implement SEO’s best practices and inbound marketing strategies in order to increase reach and exposure.
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