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How to Outsource Your Entire Blog in 5 Steps

Fiverr Team
August 6, 2020

Whether or not your business needs a blog in 2020 goes without question. Every business needs a website, and a blog is what works to siphon targeted traffic to it. A blog is a simple tool that possesses momentous power.

That said, it's best left to professionals who have years of experience in the blogging world. To get the most out of a blog to build your brand and attract customers, we recommend outsourcing it to freelancers using these five steps:

1. Get a WordPress Website Designed

Wordpress is the most widely used platform for both bloggers and web developers. As a result, it's the most flexible and user-friendly, with infinite customization options. You can work with a Wordpress website developer to design a custom theme for your website so that it's completely unique.

Wordpress has many search engine optimization (SEO) plugins that help boost the rankings of blog posts. It's also the best platform for chatbot developers to use when creating a custom automated chat window for your website.

2. Outsource Content Strategy Research

Creating a blog requires not just any content, but content loaded with the message you have for your target customer. If your blog is a ship onboarding customers who want a helping hand, your content strategy is the ship's navigation. It's a plan detailing each topic your blog will cover, built on research into your competitors, search engine keywords, your business's history, and other data sources.

Content strategists have the expertise required to do this research and examine your blog from the perspective of search engines. They create blog post titles way in advance to ensure your blog charts the right course.

3. Work with Experienced Blog Writers

Freelance blog writers churn out blog posts quickly. They know how to write according to the voice and style guidelines you provide to best represent your brand. Plus, they're able to follow a specific brief given by your content strategist in order to give your audience value.

Finding a good blog writer requires looking at portfolios of different writers, and finding one with expertise in your business's industry or niche. Another option is to outsource this hiring process to your content strategist.

4. Hire a Virtual Blog Editor

Even if you're working with an excellent scribe, all work requires a second eye. You can find a virtual freelance editor who will proofread your blog posts once your content writer has written them. Alternatively, working with a service like ClearVoice lets you hire a team of content strategists, writers, and editors in one place.

When outsourcing your blog at every step of the way, the editor can even serve as a go-between for your writer and content strategist, so that you don't have to shepherd your virtual team members at every step in the blogging process.

5. Leverage Public Relations Services

The world of public relations is nothing like it used to be thanks to virtualization and digitization in the worlds of business and marketing. Because the Internet changes faster than your heart beats, your content distribution is best put in the hands of Internet marketing experts with proven influence on the web.

Working with a social media marketing agency, social media influencer, and investing in social media ads are some examples of leveraging modern public relations services.

Building a Blog that Brings in the Business

Outsourcing your blog isn't as simple as hiring a writer and a tech. In fact, one of the pitfalls of blogging many businesses fall into is outsourcing only part of the process. Since your blog is a cog in your company's machine, every aspect is important. Following these five steps as vague guideposts, you can pull from online talent pools and let experienced experts make magic happen.

You can also outsource reporting and analytics to keep a record that maps your blog's bottom-line impact.

Fiverr Team
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