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How to Learn Coding & Other Tech Skills Fast for Cheap

Fiverr Team
March 4, 2021

How to Learn Coding & Other Tech Skills Fast for Cheap

Grade school and college shutdowns have been called for around the world to help mitigate the risks of COVID-19's spread. If you're a student, you might find yourself needing to supplement your virtual studies or carry on yourself if they've been put on hold.You've known Fiverr can help you with cost-effective and secure work from available, vetted freelancers. But did you know coders, programmers, and technology specialists of all skilled trades have also taken to Fiverr to offer the best prices in private virtual tutoring?Whether you have some knowledge under your belt or are starting fresh, Fiverr has the resources you need to get your skills up to career entry-level status and beyond. When you leverage Fiverr for your education, you can expect to get amazing rates on a wide range of lucrative skills we'll explore here.

Learn How to Code a Mobile App

An ever-growing number of people are using mobile devices instead of computers to access the web, which has lead to an upsurge in new apps. The biggest brands with monster-size marketing budgets have shown the effectiveness of apps in garnering brand loyalty through the unique value it provides.A prime example is the Nike Run Club app, which guides you on a motivation-packed customized run while tracking, logging, and analyzing your performance metrics. Our free how-to guide breaks down what it takes to create a mobile app in 4 steps.

Become "Fluent" in Programming Languages

Computer science majors in colleges and universities spend semesters learning how to write in the most critical programming languages being used by programmers. This is required knowledge for anyone pursuing a career in software development, web development, or cybersecurity. Real graduates are on Fiverr offering sessions to help you learn to code.

Learn Web Design and Development

Web design is a career many people are interested in but they find it too tedious or challenging to learn from the online tutorials that are out there. Fiverr has well-educated tutors qualified in their respective fields available for lengthy virtual one-on-one lessons at unbeatable rates.

Get Software Tutorials

If you need tutorials you can refer back to again and again as you develop your tech skills over time, you might find the free stuff available today doesn't cut it. If that's the case, Fiverr's sellers offer a multitude of helpful in-depth tutorial guides.

Get Tutoring in Computer Science

Computer Science is an undergraduate degree. It's an education path taken largely by people who end up working as software developers, web developers, cybersecurity experts, database administrators, and computer and information research scientists.On Fiverr, many computer science graduates are offering affordable tutoring sessions to help undergrad students.It's making it easy for anyone to get in on professional one-on-one to sky-rocket their learning. Plus, students can glean insights from computer science graduates on exams and career options.

Cybersecurity Training

The global coronavirus pandemic has catapulted numerous industries into rapid digital transformations. Telehealth has emerged, making cybersecurity a big player across the public and private health industries. Many students have migrated to virtual learning online now, which requires student data to be kept safe and secure.As technologies from mobile apps to AI chatbots play an increasingly recent role in keeping businesses going amid social distancing measures, the cybersecurity field is widening and ripe with opportunity. On Fiverr, you can find tutors and courses to help you learn anything from penetration test training to cloud security or a full crash course on cybersecurity.

More Courses and Tutoring for Less with Fiverr

As we dive further into a digitized and virtual world in which we're plugged into our technology, the need for coders and programmers is on the rise, as is the number of computer science and cybersecurity applications. Likewise, a range of new opportune careers is also popping up across multiple industries.

To pursue your learning from home affordably, try one of Fiverr's many virtual tutors that have received positive reviews from other students. Several Fiverr tutors are also selling one-on-one sessions to practice for job interviews in the tech industry.

Fiverr Team
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