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How to Land Voice-Over Jobs on Fiverr

Matt Clunan
January 14, 2020

Not landing enough voice over gigs on Fiverr? Or perhaps you’re just getting started on the platform and you need some pointers? While there are tons of lucrative voice-over opportunities online, not everyone is lucky enough to bag them.

You need a bit of time, dedication, and strategic planning for that. Whatever your situation may be, check out these 4 useful tips to land voice over jobs on Fiverr:

1. Clearly Define What Jobs You Can Do

Buyers have the option to look for voice-over services for specific projects. This includes podcasts, audiobooks, TV, video games, radio, video narration, eLearning, dubbing/impersonation, and IVR phone systems. To get discovered for the right projects, make sure you define your  “Purpose” so they know what kind of jobs you can do.

Some buyers may also need voice-over actors with a specific accent and of a certain age range. For instance, they may need an adult male who can do English voice-overs in a Canadian accent. You can further clarify your accent, gender, language, and age range. This will help the right buyers find your gig listing in their filtered searches when they’re looking for something very specific.

2. Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Is there something unique about your voice? Maybe you have an interesting voice that people can’t find anywhere else or maybe you’re exceptionally good at doing different impressions? Whatever makes your talent unique, find it and use it to your advantage.

Highlight your unique selling point in your gig title, description, and demo reel to stand out from other sellers. Depending on the quality you can deliver, you might even qualify for Fiverr Pro voice-over gigs, so make sure you check out that option.

3. Set the Right Price for Your Work

One of the most challenging steps in becoming a voice-over artist on Fiverr is setting a price to your work. Fiverr offers a simple way to set your pricing for both you and the buyer to understand. It allows you to set different rates depending on the number of words, delivery time, and usage rights.

For instance, you can set a standard price for a normal delivery speed and charge extra for extra fast delivery. Similarly, you can set a base rate for the minimum number of words you can read and provide buyers with the option to add more words at extra cost. In addition, Fiverr allows you to provide two types of usage rights:

  • Commercial Rights for promoting a product or service except through paid marketing channels
  • Full Broadcast Rights for promoting a product or service via radio, television, and digital ads

You will need to offer both at an added charge. Besides this, you can also set a higher price for specialty gigs like unique impressions. Some voice actors even offer additional services like script proofreading, background music, and timing match.

4. Get Professional Help for Quality Demo Reels

Your demo reel is what prospective buyers will look at before they decide to hire you. This makes it crucial to create professional-quality reels that will leave a good impression. While you may be able to create one on your own, it’s best if you get professional help for this.

Tap into the rich talent resource on the Fiverr Music and Audio section to record and produce high-quality demo reels that truly set you apart. Highlight the various emotions you can express and the tone variations depending on your “Purpose”. Don’t forget to demonstrate your unique impressions, accents, or talent here.

Keep Growing Your Talent

The key to growing your voice-over career through Fiverr is by enhancing your talent. The more you have to offer buyers, the more opportunities you will find. This will obviously improve your chances of landing gigs on the platform. Of course, you should also look for opportunities to provide better-quality service with equipment and software upgrades.

Keep adding value to your service and you’ll have no trouble landing voice-over gigs on Fiverr.

Matt Clunan
Matt is a Director of Brand Marketing at Fiverr. He has 8+ years of experience in brand and digital marketing, working in technology and sports.
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