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How I Bought a House with My Fiverr Revenue

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June 30, 2016
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Bobby, Wingle on Fiverr, is from Faisalabad, Pakistan and has been a freelance graphic designer for six years. Now he works full-time on Fiverr. He’s also married, has a lovely two-year-old daughter, and just recently bought a house – thanks to Fiverr! Here is Bobby’s story.

My Fiverr Journey

I heard about Fiverr from my brother, and at first I was amazed at how sellers were offering such amazing services starting at $5. I joined, but only as a buyer to outsource some of the work I needed for my web, graphics and animation projects. Then I read a Fiverr success story about Anarchofighter, who bought a house with his Fiverr income. This was a turning point for me, and I became serious about selling on Fiverr – with a goal of purchasing my own home!Signing up on Fiverr and creating my first Gig® was super easy. I used a good description of the service and included samples of my work. I made a sale the first week and made more than 70 sales in the first month. After that, I got regular sales as buyers were recommending me to their social networks. Later, my best-selling Gig got featured on the Fiverr website, and shortly after that, I became a Top Rated Seller.

Today, whenever I have the time, I visit the Fiverr Forum and help out new sellers with my knowledge, and I recently hosted a #FiverrLahore community event in Lahore, Pakistan, which was a great success. Many Pakistani Top Rated Sellers and Super Sellers participated. It is always great to connect with the Fiverr community because it gives me the opportunity to learn new things.I am also still buying on Fiverr, and I have purchased many Gigs, including voiceovers, product videos, avatar drawings, and more. I love the voiceover Gig from Songnet and all the Gigs of Madmoo, especially her spaghetti Gig.

Tips for New Sellers

Always deliver original and professional work, and always focus on quick and effective communication. Proper communication with buyers can do wonders and can turn an unhappy buyer into your highest paying repeat buyer. I always like to share the following experience with my fellow sellers. A buyer once purchased one of my Gigs, but after the delivery, he was not happy at all and wanted to cancel the order. I remained calm, offered to revise the project, and worked with him to understand his requirements. In the end, that angry buyer was happy with my final work. He not only gave me a five-star review, but also paid me the highest tip I have ever received -- $270 on a $5 order! Since then, he has become my best repeat buyer.I also advise new sellers to stand out from the crowd and offer only those services you can really do well. Put all your effort into each and every order, whether it’s a $5 order or $1,000 order, and always deliver quality and on-time.

The Impact of Fiverr

One of the biggest impacts of Fiverr is that I don’t have to worry about finding projects. I was sick of making bids on a project on other freelancing sites in the past. On Fiverr, I just have to present my service well and Fiverr does the rest. The flow of work gives me the freedom to think more about the work I do – and do it well – rather than worry about bidding on projects. I also have the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime without worrying about losing a job. Today, 100 percent of my income comes from Fiverr, and I have been able to do many things with the help of my Fiverr income. In the beginning, I paid off all my small debts. Then I paid for my wedding and the expenses of our daughter’s birth. And finally, after three and a half years of selling on Fiverr, I recently purchased a house, which is the biggest financial achievement of my life.

Overall, Fiverr has changed my life and way of working. It has helped me achieve my dream and given me more freedom. The new “packages” feature is awesome as well, and makes my life as a seller easier. It has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and daughter, while actually doubling my revenue!I cannot express how happy I am about achieving my goals thanks to Fiverr. I also want to thank Fiverr for letting me host the community event and CEO Micha Kaufman for taking his time to send a recorded video message for the Pakistan Fiverr community!

If you’d like to share your story about how Fiverr has impacted your life, please send it to us by email at

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