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Holiday Gigs to Give (and Receive)

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
December 6, 2016
holiday gifts and gigs

‘Tis the season for giving, so why not give your favorite people something they’ll remember?Gone are the days of scarves, candles, and frames as go-to-gifts for your loved ones. Instead, think big… think different, think Gigs. From personalized word tree art to watercolor paintings to retro pop art portraits and more, the ideas are endless when it comes to identifying the best gifts you can get thanks to gigprenuers. Here are some gigs that any entrepreneur would love to receive in their stocking.

Customized Magnets, Patches or Stickers

With just a few simple clicks you can turn a favorite image into a memorable magnet, patch, sticker… or all three! This is a fun idea for kiddos, tweens, teens, and adults. Your only challenge? Deciding which image you want rendered in oil paint. Gigpreuner to consider? Franknstitch.

Digital Oil Paintings

Art becomes even more appreciable when n it involves the faces of those you love. Whether it’s a favorite pet, a new baby, or another person or place you hold near and dear to your heart, digital oil paintings are beautiful, unexpected gifts that will undoubtedly turn into family heirlooms. Gigpreuner to consider? Nieceydoc.

Cat Portraits of People

Cat lover in your life? There’s no better gift than this, which will reflect the person's expression, posture and general looks in this feline friendly portrait. With clothing mimicking that of the picture you provide to the Gigprenuer and other characteristics identified from the image, this gift is sure to be the hit of any holiday!Gigprenuer to consider? Catifyme.

Become a Star Wars Character

Superimpose the face of your favorite Star Wars fan on any Star Wars character from episode 1 to Rogue One! This gig-gift will be the talk of your holiday parties… and with characters ranging from Luke Skywalker to Han Solo to Princess Leia, you’re able to give this gift again and again. Gigprenuer to consider? Sgaribay.

Custom Guitar Picks

Anyone close to a musician knows that there is something about one-of-a-kind pieces that makes their heart sing (pun fully intended). Guitar picks are no exception, and thankfully Gigprenuers can make these. From band names to logos to monograms and more, give your guitar lover something they’ll use and show off with pride. Gigpreuner to consider? Jechoniah. Not in love with any of these gig-gift ideas? No problem. When it comes to Gig-gift-giving, the ideas are truly endless. Discover more of what may be right for your family, friends, teachers, neighbors, loved ones and more at And of course, don’t be shy about treating yourself to a gift or two, as well, this holiday season.

What Gigs do you plan to give (or would love to receive)? Tell us in the comments below!

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the Founder and Publisher of Retail Minded, the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference and a regular contributor to various publications. Additionally, Reyhle is the Author of the book “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business” from McGraw-Hill and has been the Spokesperson for Small Business Saturday from American Express since 2014. Follow Reyhle on Twitter at @RetailMinded.
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