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Graphic Design Couple Work and Travel with Fiverr

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February 11, 2016
agustin and clara||Agustin & Clara, Super sellers on Fiverr

Agustin & Clara, known on Fiverr as Agustin86, are a happy couple – and a couple of amazing graphic designers who will design anything you need. Hailing from Argentina, they share everything, including a single Fiverr account, garnering incredible reviews for their work. We met at university when we were studying graphic design and illustration, and we've been together since 2009. We live in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, which is a very nice city to live in. In addition to working on Fiverr, Clara works in a design studio with a partner, and I work as a freelancer.

Finding Fiverr

We discovered Fiverr while searching the Internet for a new way to work from home and not have to have fixed work hours or days. It took just a few days to sell our first Gig. Today, we earn about 55% of our income on Fiverr, which helps pay for our expenses and enables us to travel. The last time we were in New York, we visited a couple we met through Fiverr, and we became good friends. That is something special that Fiverr gave us.

Fiverr is an important part of our life

It sets us free from having to search for clients. Because we get good reviews, clients come to us. Fiverr also allows us to work more freely from home, at any time, on any day.This has given us more free time, which we can use as we like. For example, we can take a day off whenever we want and do some extra work the day after. This also allows us to take short trips whenever we want. We are even thinking about going on a trip for a month and working a few hours a day no matter where we are at that moment. All of this thanks to Fiverr!

Agustin & Clara, Super sellers on Fiverr

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Fiverr Team
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