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Get the Most Out of Your Fiverr Voice Over Gig

Dana Mick
August 5, 2016
voice over

Are you making the most out of your Voice Over Gig? You may not have noticed the new additions in the Voice Over category. We’ve made it easier for everyone on Fiverr to search, price, sell, and buy a Voice Over. Here’s how:

Get Discovered

To boost your conversions and connect the right buyers with the best sellers, we’ve updated the search filter capabilities. Now, buyers can refine the results of a basic search for “Voice Over Gig” through multiple categories such as gender, age range, seller level, service includes, purpose, and sellers currently online.Of course, this does not only help buyers on Fiverr but sellers too. Use these categories to see where the most traffic is and to discover categories that are underserved. Maximizing your talents and getting the most out of Fiverr has never been easier with its new and improved search filters.

Write Your Script With Perfection

Whether you need a voice-over to leverage your business needs, to grow your own talents, or you are starting your own career, a planning process from script to Voice Over is necessary. Voice Overs are not just about the voices themselves, but they are also about the scripts. The words within the script should match your message across to your listeners. You can find Fiverr proofreaders and editors to help you piece together your script. All resources are here on Fiverr for you to explore and match exactly what you need.

Get Your Gig Seen

Finding out where you want to be in the Gig Economy is the first step towards success; next you want to be noticed. That means you need a title and thumbnail photo that grabs the attention of the buyer. The majority of top-rated Voice Over artists include a picture or video that shows their face. Buyers are more likely to click on an actual person as it builds an immediate connection for the virtual transaction. Your Gig title can be up to 80 characters long, or 16 words. We suggest you use a specific, descriptive title to demonstrate your value. Find what you are best at and brand yourself as the expert in a particular niche (and don’t forget to tag yourself in those categories).

Price Your Gig Right – Gig Packages Option

To help you maximize your Voice Over skills, we now offer you the option of grouping together multiple Gigs. Packages come in Standard, Premium and Pro.For example, a Standard voice-over Gig may offer 100 words read, a commercial use license, and a 5-day delivery time. A Premium Gig Package would boost it to 250 words read, a commercial use license, and a 3-day delivery time. Finally, the Pro Package could boost the words read, shorten the delivery time, and include other extras like script proofreading and an HD source file. Using packages can help you gain more profitable Gigs and make the most of your Voice Over talents in the Gig Economy.

Length Calculator

Our one of a kind, Length Calculator, available in the Voice-over and Proofreading and Editing Subcategories on Fiverr, gives you the ability to take control you’re your pricing. Buyers, you no longer have to purchase “multiple” Gigs based on word count for scripts. This tool is available in Gig Packages only. Here’s how it works:

1. Define the amount of words included in your base Single or Triple Gig Package and rate for additional words.

2. Buyers enter the word count of their requested services in the Length Calculator.

3. You receive an instant, accurate price quote via the Length CalculatorNow you are on your way to becoming successful in creating a Voice Over and taking advantage of the Voice Over Gig.

Tell us how you have created a Gig or used the Length Calculator in the comments section below.

Dana Mick
Product Manager in the buyer journey team, working on creating the best experience for buyers to achieve their goals with Fiverr.
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