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Fiverr Teams Up with Salesforce to Empower People with Disabilities

Abby Forman
July 19, 2021

One billion, or at least 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability, and one-fifth of the estimated global total, or between 110 and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities. Persons with disabilities are more likely to experience adverse socioeconomic outcomes such as less education, poorer health outcomes, lower levels of employment, and higher poverty rates. According to the United Nations, in developing countries, 80% to 90% of persons with disabilities of working age are unemployed, and in industrialized countries the figure is between 50% and 70%. But even in the most developed countries, the official unemployment rate for persons with disabilities of working age is at least twice that for those who have no disability.

Fiverr’s purpose is to provide opportunities for anyone, anywhere to build their business, brand or dreams, and therefore it is part of our responsibility to use our business and our platform for good and do what we can to help people of all abilities find opportunities to earn a living and find professional success. Salesforce, the global leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), has a higher purpose of driving equality for all - and is working hard to create workplaces that work better for everyone, no matter their abilities. To close this gap, together the two companies believe in building inclusive workplaces and programs that bring in talent and provide equal access to the tools to help advance those careers. 

That is why last year, in 2020, during a time of immense global upheaval and unemployment, we launched Fiverr Empower. Empower is a program dedicated to helping people with disabilities build their professional experience and add to their portfolio of work by giving them opportunities to find work as freelancers through the Fiverr platform. 

And today, we are incredibly proud to announce that starting August 1st, Fiverr will be teaming with Salesforce on a pilot program in Israel to teach students with disabilities to become Salesforce administrators through a unique training program. During the 6-week program, students will learn the ins and outs of Salesforce’s tools and systems from Salesforce mentors while at the same time, get trained by Fiverr mentors on how to best use the Fiverr platform. After the training program is complete, Salesforce will then direct its wide-ranging customer base to work with these trained & certified administrators through the Fiverr platform, providing these students with professional work experience that they would not otherwise get. 

The Fiverr-Salesforce program contributes to the global effort around world disability inclusion and creates real, equal opportunities. By giving additional support and education, the two companies are coming together to help students and graduates with disabilities create a career path, gain professional experience, and empower themselves to succeed. 


For more information on the program, please visit

Abby Forman
Abby Forman is a Senior Public Relations Manager at Fiverr overseeing U.S. and international communications for the company. She focuses on pushing the products, the initiatives and the policies that help to grow Fiverr’s footprint and global community.
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