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Fiverr Launches Freelance Community Impact Grant

Michelle Baltrusitis
October 19, 2023
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To celebrate the spirit of innovation, resilience, and creativity that freelancers embody, Fiverr is excited to launch the Freelance Community Impact Grant Program. For the second annual International Freelancers Day, Fiverr is not just celebrating, but contributing to the communities in which it operates. 

The driving force behind this endeavor is Fiverr’s social impact commitment to advancing economic opportunity and freelancer well-being in our communities around the world, providing them with the educational resources, tools, and benefits they need to thrive.

For the first iteration of this grant program, Fiverr has selected five nonprofit and community-based organizations that are working diligently to empower freelancers, bridge skill gaps, foster collaboration, and enable global social impact. Through their innovative programs, advocacy, and community-building efforts, they are contributing to a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous ecosystem:

  1. Generation

Generation supports adults worldwide in achieving sustainable economic mobility through employment by providing training, job placements, and ongoing support for careers. Their current freelance-related focus is on supporting primarily youth and women in Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, and Colombia to reach sustainable careers as freelancers by delivering intensive training programs.

With the funds received through this grant, Generation will pilot a community-building approach to inspire how they can globally support graduates to enter freelance work while achieving financial and well-being stability. This approach will include employee/mentor-led masterclasses for the freelance community to develop skills and employment opportunities.

  1. European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek)

#EFWeek, organized by the European Coworking Assembly, brings together a growing community of freelancers, empowering independent workers of all types to pursue their passions and work on their terms. By advocating for policies that recognize freelancers' contributions and building community around collective action, #EFWeek works to create a world where freelancers can thrive.

With the funds from the grant, #EFWeek aims to establish an operational European freelance organization that will represent freelancers in the European Parliament and further the work to safeguard their interests.

  1. The Asia Foundation 

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives and expanding opportunities across Asia and the Pacific. STEMConnectHER is a program of The Asia Foundation and supports girls and women across the Asia Pacific region to start, build, and persist in STEM fields, with the longer-term goal of creating greater innovation, opportunity, and economic prosperity for all.

This grant will go towards increasing opportunities for women specifically in India to join the STEMConnectHER early career development network. 

  1. The Freelancers Union

Based in New York, and serving the broader United States, Freelancers Union serves as a support system for independents through advocacy, education, and services. Their focus is on building novel solutions to support independent workers so they can be secure and thrive, no matter how they work.

Through this grant, Freelancers Union will be able to scale the impact of their legal clinics and workshops, delving deeper into the legal issues that freelancers might encounter in their day-to-day lives such as contracts and IP challenges.

  1. Freelance Business Community 

Freelance Business Community is dedicated to stimulating the global freelance economy through global events, masterclasses, and publications. Primarily serving the European community today, they aim to help freelancers run their independent businesses smarter by collecting and sharing global know-how for all freelance scenarios.

The grant is intended to support the development of an accredited Freelance MBA course that would provide essential education for freelance entrepreneurs with the goal of enhancing their business knowledge and potential for success.

Michelle Baltrusitis
Michelle Baltrusitis is a Social Impact Manager at Fiverr driving the company’s social impact strategy and purpose-driven programs. These programs include digital workforce development initiatives, entrepreneurial fellowships, small-business kickstarters and micro-grants.
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