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Fiverr Helps Out in the MIT Innovation Competition

Ben Conde
September 29, 2016

We love sharing things that are #MadeOnFiverr, and this comes as no exception. Earlier this summer we partnered with MIT to assist them in their IDE Inclusive Innovation Competition. The competition focuses on the forward progress of technology, and the importance of access for all. "The acceleration of technology has led to remarkable benefits for business and the economy, but what about people earning middle- and base-level incomes? Digital innovations can enable a broader population to share in the prosperity of the Second Machine Age.

The Inclusive Innovation Competition identifies and celebrates those organizations that are inventing a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable future for all. "
Once MIT selected the 24 finalists, we provided each of the them with Fiverr credits and a list of curated Gigs to help them create their Inclusive Innovation Competition video using Fiverr services. We were lucky enough to attend the awards ceremony this week and see all of the incredible finalists' work. Here are two of the finalists, and the amazing things they #MadeOnFiverr.

Name: Lizzie Merrill
Team Name: Ignitia
Fiverr Credit Used For: Two videos - an animated explainer and a testimonial, which were then edited together. Lizzie plans to use her remaining credits on a commercial jingle.

“The Fiverr experience was great, I’ve used similar sites in the past but found that the platform was easy to use and the quality of the work was high level. Both sellers I worked with got the job done quickly and provided exactly what I was looking for.
Name: Augusto Ruiz Tagle
Team Name: Destacame
Fiverr Credit Used For: Voiceover and translation in the video below

“The IIC is a way of recognizing companies that are trying to solve big problems, and I feel honored to be a finalist and looking forward to receiving an the award in Boston. Working with Fiverr was a great experience and the voiceover work was done well."

Check out all the finalists here:


Have a favorite project that was #MadeOnFiverr? Use our hashtag or send it to We will be featuring our favorites across all of our channels. You joined Fiverr to create something. Why not show it off?

Ben Conde
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