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Fiverr Community helps The Global Sunrise Project

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May 7, 2014
global sunriser

The Global Sunrise Project is the creation of Toronto residents Marla Slavner and her teenage daughter Kasha.The two are about to embark on a six month journey in search of stories of inspiration and empowered leadership. These stories will be shared in a documentary and online through the lens of Kasha, a caring 15-year-old photographer and filmmaker with an interest in sparking global citizenship.The following is based on an interview with Marla about her experiences working with on Fiverr®.

What was your inspiration for the Global Sunrise Project?

The project is the culmination of Kasha’s interest and participation in social justice issues and her passion for photography and writing.She realized at a very early age that she could make a difference using her creative and social entrepreneurial skills. Since she was eight years old, she’s been very involved with Free the Children’s “Me to We” movement, and she attends leadership training and participates in youth summits.In March, 2013, she was selected as a youth delegate by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace to attend the United Nations for the 57th annual session on the Commission of the Status of Women.

How did you come to Fiverr?

A video editor friend of ours recommended it to us as a great resource to find some really creative people from around the world. We immediately liked the community aspect of Fiverr.

How does Fiverr help you accomplish your goals?

The value we get from Fiverr is pretty off-the-chart in terms of being able to test drive a potential creative idea and experiment until we find the right fit. Fiverr is a terrific showcase of talent, and as we grow, we hope to grow the level of involvement we have with Fiverr sellers. Fiverr talent has inspired us creatively as well, suggesting ideas we hadn’t thought about before.

What has your buying experience been like?

Sourcing usually takes a lot of time, often involving meetings and paying for work that doesn’t translate. But on Fiverr, we’ve had no surprises, and we’re very impressed with the fast, courteous and reliable service.We’ve done a graphic treatment for the logo of our manifesto and a rap version of it. Both have been getting favorable feedback. We’re still exploring the pool of talent on Fiverr, and it’s opened us up to some creative possibilities with our project that we may not have considered otherwise.We can definitely see a lot of Gigs® offered by Fiverr sellers being integrated with our upcoming campaigns to grow our project and build our social media channel.It may also be a really cool place for Kasha to raise some funds for her craft as well.

Marla and Kasha recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $7,500 for the Sunrise Project. Check it out! And if you are relying on Fiverr talent to support your non-profit organization, be sure to share your story in the comments below.

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