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Fall 2021 Small Business Needs Index: Hybrid Models are Here to Stay

Fiverr Team
October 14, 2021
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As the pandemic continues to bring changing circumstances, Small businesses around the world are opening their doors again, and some even for the first time. Meanwhile, the digital transformation that emerged during the pandemic has changed businesses forever. It's clear that hybrid operating models are here to stay, with online & offline working together. In the last six months we have seen businesses adopting new services and technologies to help them succeed, and for nearly all small businesses, it is clear they will need to continue investing in and enhancing their online offerings. Businesses are also seeking new and creative ways to engage with their clients, and professionals are tapping into their talents as a means of starting a new business. 

As businesses continue to invest in their success, there is an immense opportunity for professionals who are skilled in these trending service areas to offer their work and enhance earnings. Freelancing is proving itself to be a viable option as “The Great Resignation” continues and workers reevaluate their relationship with work, prioritizing autonomy and flexibility. In order to help freelancers reach their potential and identify areas to tap into, we are revealing what freelancers are earning in these trending categories.

Trending Global Searches and Freelance Earning Potentials: 

  • Amazon PPC Campaign;  Earning potential: $150 - $10,000 per project 
  • 171% Increase in search
  • Google Adwords; Earning potential: $100 - $8500 per project 
  • 93% Increase in search
  • Online Course Content; Earning potential: $100 - $3,000 per project 
  • 166% Increase in search
  • Shopify Sales Funnel; Earning potential: $100 - $2,195 per project 
  • 235% Increase in search
  • Klaviyo; Earning potential: $100 - $2000 per project 
  • 139% Increase in search
  • Facebook Page Creation; Earning potential: $150 - $1450 per project 
  • 90% Increase in search
  • Kajabi; Earning potential: $50 - $800 per project 
  • 135% Increase in search
  • Google Maps; Earning potential: $20 - $450 per project 
  • 94% Increase in search
  • Landscape Design; Earning potential: $30 - $400 per project 
  • 100% Increase in search
  • GoHighLevel; Earning potential: $15 - $300 per project 
  • 94% Increase in search

Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index also breaks down the fastest growing and most popular searches for businesses in Australia, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S. A country-by-country breakdown is viewable here.

Note that earning potentials represent a broad range of per project rates for services currently on Fiverr, but Fiverr freelancers set their own rates based on the value they place on their time and expertise. Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index analyzes data from the millions of searches across the platform to identify services that have seen significant increases in search over the past six months, compared to the previous 6 months.

Fiverr Team
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