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Explore the Updated Fiverr Image Editing Services

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July 19, 2022
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Images are a core part of any successful business or marketing campaign - but not just any images.

High-quality, well-edited photographs grab people's attention and help attract potential clients to your social media, print advertisements, and brand websites.

Whether you're looking to improve the image quality on your eCommerce website or retouch staff photos, you can find talent through Fiverr's newly revamped Image Editing services.

Before & After by @elizaisseliza

Types of Image Editing Service Available on Fiverr

The image editing services available on Fiverr have expanded to meet your business's needs.

Previously categorized as 'Photoshop Editing,' these services were limited to work done only with Photoshop. However, graphic designers work with a variety of software, not onlyPhotoshop. The Fiverr Marketplace has evolved to showcase talent who work with other editing software.

Fiverr's Image Editing services are now also divided into five subcategories, making it simple to find the quality talent you need. Instead of sorting through thousands of freelancers, you can quickly find experts by starting with one of the following service niches.

Real Estate Enhancement by @elizaisseliza

1. Product Image Editing

Popular with eCommerce businesses, product image editing includes cropping, background removal, resizing, and resolution changes. Think of the product images you see on websites like Etsy and Amazon. Companies often pay for product image editing to make their product look more attractive.

Even if you don't run an eCommerce business, you can still use product image editing. The talent on the Fiverr marketplace can edit product images for your social media pages or brand website. You can even use the edited images for print advertisements or any other type of marketing campaign.

Product Image Editing by @barbarakiltis

2. Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation freelancers specialize in compositing, adding filters or effects, and adding or removing objects. They commonly work with landscape and real estate images.

For example, companies that use marketing campaign photos with a landscape background may hire photo manipulation talent to enhance the scenery colors or remove an unwanted object. Real estate and interior design companies may also rely on photo manipulation freelancers to enhance their images.

Other industries can benefit from investing in photo manipulation. Fiverr talent can retouch photos of your business's location or office interior. They can also combine several photos to create collages that advertise your brand or business.

With image enhancement through photo manipulation, you can post quality images on your brand website or social media platforms.

Manipulation & Compositing by @barbarakiltis

3. Portrait Retouching

Of course, not all images include only products or scenery. Many ad campaigns, landing pages, and company websites showcase people - both models and staff members. That's where portrait retouching comes in.

The talent on Fiverr can handle hair and skin retouching, color correction, virtual makeup, and face sculpting. They can also take care of any needed background changes, body remodeling, or lighting issues.

Whether you need retouches on brand fashion and lifestyle photos or color correction on staff headshots, you can find vetted freelancers on the Fiverr marketplace. Entrust them with retouching your LinkedIn profile photos, office party images, and ad campaign photos.

Portrait Retouching by @creative__hub

4. Photo Restoration

Perhaps your company takes before and after pictures of restoration projects with a low-quality camera. Or maybe you have decades-old images of your founding members. Either way, these images may not always have the best quality.

With photo restoration, Fiverr talent can take those old or poor-quality pictures and convert them into top-notch images. They can colorize black-and-white images and repair any cracks or scratches that transfer from the original physical photograph.

Colorizing by @anthonyd3ca

5. Mockups

Many eCommerce sites rely on mockups to give customers an idea of the final product with various designs. Perhaps they sell T-shirts with different text options or websites with various layouts.

No matter the product, the Fiverr talent can create finalized mockups to showcase unique designs. They can also put together mockup templates that you can use on your own as you create new designs or styles.

As already mentioned, you don't need an eCommerce site to invest in mockups. You can also find talent to handle mockups for your social media pages or printed flyers showcasing your products. The options are endless.

Mockup by @elizaisseliza

Are you ready to take your company to the next level with high-quality images? Find the talent you need on Fiverr's page and start enhancing your company's visual appeal today.

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