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Email Newsletter Design Basics: How to Drive Engagement

Fiverr Team
March 5, 2022
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Every day, the average person’s email inbox is flooded with messages. Some are important, some are spam, and most are immediately deleted. If you’re using email to communicate with your clients and prospective customers, you have to work hard to stand out from the crowd and capture their attention. Since you only have a few seconds to do it, first impressions matter.

Want to learn how to craft a newsletter people will actually read? Here’s what you need to know.

Email Newsletter Design Matters. Here’s Why.

Every time you send an email, you have a very short window to attract your readers’ attention – and that’s where your design comes in. While your content is obviously important, a great email newsletter design will ensure your information is presented in a way that's interesting and easy to read.

You could follow a checklist each time you send an email to make sure you’re hitting the most important points, but using an email newsletter design template is a far more efficient option. This will provide you with consistency and make it easy to quickly send out information in the most effective manner.

What Is an Email Newsletter Design Template?

An email newsletter design template is a preformatted email structure that allows you to simply drop in new content. Since it provides a consistent format for every email you send, you'll quickly build trust, which is critical for convincing readers to follow your call to action.

These templates provide you with an effective newsletter layout and basic design elements for sharing a variety of content. They're excellent for bringing your brand to life, showing off your unique personality, and letting your value shine through.

How to Design an Email Newsletter Template

While there are many predesigned email newsletter templates available, you may want to create your own custom design. Once you understand the basics, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Start with these simple steps.

1. Choose the Right Size and Dimension

Email newsletter design templates typically work best when created with a fixed width, as this will help prevent errors when the template loads. A width of 550 to 600 px is standard. In addition, you’ll want to make sure the most important information is in the top 300 to 500 px, as this is the size of most preview window panes.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Header

Your header image should have a clear and obvious link to your brand and should visually convey your brand’s values. Since it will appear in each campaign you send out, you’ll want to make sure it’s beautiful and gives the reader the impression that the content is something they want to read – instead of a piece of unwanted spam.

3. Build Out Your Main Body

When building out your main body, be sure to include plenty of white space. Icons and bullets can help draw attention to important information and keep things organized. Also, consider adding headers and images in the main body of your template. This will keep it engaging and easy to read.

4. Don’t Forget Your Footer

Your footer will neatly wrap up your newsletter, giving readers a sense of completeness. It’s also a great place to add your social media links and other contact information. This will allow them to easily follow up with you or further engage with your brand.

5 Important Email Newsletter Design Tips

Once you’ve got the basics in place, the following email newsletter design tips will help improve the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns:

  • Use your company logo and brand colors throughout your template
  • Choose professional fonts that are modern and easy to read
  • Make sure the colors you choose don’t wash out your text
  • Use high-quality images that are a good reflection of your brand
  • Include a call to action with click-through buttons or images

Up-Level Your Email Marketing Today!

Using a custom email newsletter design template can up-level your branding and make your email marketing efforts far more effective. If the steps above feel overwhelming, don’t worry! There are many Fiverr email marketing experts who can help you get everything set up without breaking a sweat. Start exploring your options today so you can enjoy all the benefits of fully optimized email marketing campaigns.

Fiverr Team
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