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Digital Marketing Helps Your Beauty Company Shine

Ben Conde
May 16, 2017

Famous beauty influencers are known for their immaculate sense of style – the perfectly coiffed hair, the artful combination of makeup and light. Therefore their personal brands rely on conveying a resonant image of individuality and taste. In the social media world, visual impact is key. Sure, you can describe a striking beauty technique, but readers will ultimately want to know what it looks like.

This is where visual digital marketing (which Fiverr experts are ready to help you with) comes in. Here's how you can transform yourself from self-styled guru to online influencer:

1. Have your work professionally photographed. Helmut Lang, Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz – these iconic photographers all cut their teeth at fashion magazines, using their talent to propel new models and products to stardom. Similarly, having professional photos taken of your work is imperative in crafting a signature style for your brand.

If you're selling high-end make-up products, you want the delicate applicators and silky foundation to show up clearly and the colors to be bright and appealing. The quality of your photos matter almost as much as the product itself.

2. Use an expert beauty retoucher. For make-up artists in particular, the face becomes the canvas that your work is displayed on – and often that face might be yours. Even if you're using an iPhone, get the most out of your images by enlisting the help of a professional beauty photo retoucher to make your work look as high-quality as possible. Retouching can also be useful if you're working in other areas of the beauty industry, such as fitness or skincare, which require a well-shot figure and face.

3. Use video to showcase your products. Beauty companies need to show how a potential customer can use their products and the most effective way of doing this is with video. Whether on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you can walk customers step-by-step through make-up techniques, hair-styling tips, and skincare regimens. When done well, tutorial videos are a great way to showcase your products (and their quality) without customers even realizing that they're being marketed to.

4. Grow your public image with Instagram.
For the beauty industry, Instagram is your go-to social media and acts as your public face and unofficial CV. Upload your professional photos to create a vibrant gallery of your complete work and use "lifestyle" shots that illustrate your aesthetic, showing followers and potential customers the brand culture they're engaging with. You can get an Instagram expert to take you through the best techniques for choosing content and growing your followers.

5. Market your social media. Once you have a solid portfolio of work – be it make-up, hairstyling, or fashion shots – you need to make it commercially viable. Social media marketing enables you to take polished, ready-made online content and link it to a sellable service.

This could include using hashtags to draw more people to your account, links to the beauty products featured in your videos and images, or Facebook ads to get your products in front of a wider audience. More eyes on your work inevitably leads to more sales.

How do you think you could enhance the visual aspect of your beauty business? Which brands do you think do it well? Check out Fiverr's marketplace for more resources on photography, re-touching, and social media marketing tools.

Ben Conde
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