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Captivating Content: How to Grow Your Audience with Editorial Expertise

Fiverr Team
October 12, 2018

Blogging, vlogging, live video – all these forms of communication have become integral to most companies' business strategies. Statistics show that 90% of brands have incorporated content creation into their marketing approach. But with so much #content out there, it's a bigger challenge than ever to capture and maintain your customers' attention. Here's how to work with freelance experts to create content that stands out in your audience's oversaturated feeds.

1. Understand your customer.

The narrative of your blogs, videos, and social media must be consistent with your product or service. This requires a keen understanding of your customers and their needs. Fluff pieces are not going to interest intellectuals, while complicated technology narratives aren't going to capture the attention of those looking for a quick read. You need to create a marketing strategy in order to reach the right people.

2. Speak to your audience.

You've determined your audience and voice. The next step is creating content that will reach that audience. A combination of blogs and videos that speak to your consumer is key. Find experts and influencers in your industry that can speak to your customers' interests. A make-up artist could do a video tutorial for a beauty brand. Or a luggage company could provide commentary from a travel expert on the best places to visit this year.

3. Mix it up.

Variety is the key to keeping people interested. Everyone wants to be stimulated, which means balancing long, narrative articles with listicles or image-heavy articles with short captions. Providing this type of bite-size content means you can reach your customers even when they don't have a lot of time on their hands (of suffer from short attention spans).

4. Get social.

Social media plays a key role in reaching your audience. Aside from posting links to your content on your own social media profiles, consider how influencers can help you get your product or service out there. Optimization experts can also help you determine the best channels for reaching your audience – Snapchat is likely not going to work best for Baby Boomers, while Facebook may not be the best way to reach teenagers.

5. Don't fall behind.

In the age of digital media, people expect to have new information constantly at their fingertips. If you don't provide that, they'll turn to other sources. Stay at the forefront of people's minds by consistently providing new and engaging content. Creatives who are dedicated to providing this to their customers will ensure that there's always something new to read or watch—which keeps your audience coming back for more.

6. Stay relevant.

Consider what people are talking about and how that relates to your own brand. The constant news cycle provides plenty of opportunities to find a story angle, from politics to celebrity gossip. Think like a journalist – how can you do a new take on a story? Interesting viewpoints from different angles will always draw people in. Work with an SEO expert to find out what kinds of conversations are happening in your industry and tailor your content to fit their searches.

7. Outsource.

Constant content creation is a full-time job—and if you're trying to start a small business or brand, you already have one. Consider hiring freelancers to craft and implement an expert content strategy without hiring a full-time marketing team. Plus, listening and working with more diverse perspectives can only strengthen your point of view. Find hand-vetted freelance talent for all your content needs on Fiverr Pro. Don't allow yourself to be discontent with your content. There's no time like the present. Talented creators are just a click away—let's get started! How do you create content that speaks to your customers? Let us know in the comments!

Fiverr Team
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