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Building an Army of Freelancing Automotive Experts

Fiverr Team
February 11, 2020

Automotive review sites, blog, trade journals, and even dealerships have a constant need for new content. 

While this is true of most niche industry publications, the automotive industry, in particular, requires a higher level of expertise, attention to detail and degree of accuracy from its writers that can make sourcing quality talent a challenge.

Why the Bar's Higher For Automotive Writers

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase and requires an often painstaking amount of research for the consumer. 

During the research phase is when many consumers will find your content. A whopping 95% of car buyers do research online before buying a vehicle, and they spend an average of 14 hours looking at auto-related content when they do so. 

In order for automotive content to satisfy their needs, it must be thoroughly researched and be able to breakdown technical information in a way that is easily understandable. This requires that freelance automotive writers not only be gifted with the written word but also true subject matter experts.

What to Look For in an Automotive Writer

When hiring a team of automotive writers there are certain qualities that you will want to look for. Here are some of the most important:

  • Experience. You'll most likely want to hire a freelancer with a history of writing for the auto industry. This way you'll be able to check their track record (no pun intended) and gauge the quality of their work before hiring them.
  • Expertise. Automotive writing requires a strong understanding of automobiles and how they work. Many of the best automotive writers have a background as a mechanic, dealer, or other auto industry worker.
  • Industry Contacts. This is especially true if you are hiring writers to produce original reviews and breaking industry news. Writers with industry contacts can often obtain access and information that those without simply cannot.
  • Social Media Clout. Automotive freelance writers with big social media followings equal more exposure and clicks for your website or publication.
  • Passion. Above all else, any automotive writer you hire should demonstrate an unyielding passion for cars. 

Figure Out Your Mission

Before hiring a team of freelance automotive writers, it is first wise to establish what exactly your goals are. Some automotive writers may cater to a certain niche such as German imports, vintage muscle cars, or pick up truck reviews. Knowing what your target audience is can go a long way towards choosing the best writers for the job.You must also consider what form of automotive content you are going for. Here are some of the most post popular content niches in the auto industry:

Knowing the type of content you want is an essential decision to make before signing on writers.

Having a hard time finding the write automotive writers for your gig? The Fiverr marketplace has a slew of freelancers for hire who specialize in the automotive industry. Start your engines by finding the right one today.

Fiverr Team
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