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Being a Visionary and Growing Your Creativity

Ben Conde
June 11, 2016
Child using creativity

We can all agree that being an entrepreneur requires a variety of skills. There is one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common; it is the engine that drives their innovation and their dedication to their business. That element is the ability to be a visionary – to see a possibility and an opportunity and to power through even when there are doubters all around. Here are some stories we hope will inspire you about visionaries from around the world, and ways you can foster your own creativity.

Follow Great Examples

Gathering inspiration begins with learning from those who have themselves embodied creativity and visionary entrepreneurship. Inspiration can come from almost any industry, and any country. Explore some incredible entrepreneurs in this list of the top creative people in business from Fast Company.

Enable Yourself to Achieve Your Vision

Being a visionary doesn’t necessarily mean being able to do everything all the time. A smart entrepreneur knows what they can do well, and what they should ask for assistance with. When you are finding a freelancer to help you realize your vision though, there are a few key rules to follow to make sure you find the perfect match. Check out our guide to picking a freelancer to make sure that you find someone who will enable your vision, not hinder it.

Develop These Habits

You would think that because creative people are so diverse, that it would be impossible to pinpoint common habits that encourage creativity. However, organizational psychologist Adam Grant has proven this wrong with his insightful advice on how to become what he calls “an original” by imitating the habits that allow them to reach peak creativity and innovation.

Meet Our Winners!

At Fiverr, we believe in fostering visionaries and we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. That’s why we hosted a competition for innovative businesses to win a digital makeover that would allow them to fulfill their companies’ dreams. Meet the winners and get ready to be inspired by their visions and their efforts to achieve them. What does it mean to you to be a visionary? Tell us in the comments

Ben Conde
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