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5 Ways to Blow Up Your Instagram Sales in 2021

Fiverr Team
June 29, 2021
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Need more sales for your Instagram Shop? We’ve got you covered. Here are five tips to help you increase your revenue on the gram.

1: Use visuals that highlight your products (especially for Stories)

If you’re going to get people to checkout directly on Instagram, you’ll need captivating visuals that speak for your products. You should utilize photos and videos that showcase every detail of your product to get rid of doubt and increase buyer confidence.

Also, make sure your visuals are eye-catching enough to make casual scrollers stop dead in their tracks. For this, you’ll need powerful Instagram video marketing and professional photo editing.

Don’t forget that your visuals aren’t just for your Instagram Feed. Make sure you also share captivating images and videos through Instagram Stories.

Since Instagram Stories show up prominently at the top of every user’s feed, they have a good chance of capturing people’s attention even when your Feed posts fail. So make the most of this feature to share updates about your latest posts, new products, upcoming events, and so on.

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2: Drive product discovery with relevant hashtags

On a platform like Instagram, hashtags hold the key to effective SEO. The right hashtags can make sure that your posts show up in relevant searches. So to attract prospective buyers who are highly likely to be interested in your products, you need to spruce up your posts with relevant hashtags.

These could be hashtags that describe your product — for example, #veganleatherboots or #silkpillowcase. They could also be phrases that are relevant only to your brand such as your brand name or even product names that are specific to your brand — for example, #Nike or #AirForce1.

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3: Make checkout easier with shoppable stickers

For a while, the only way to add links to your Instagram Stories was if you had 10,000+ followers. This made it challenging for smaller businesses to scale since they had limited options to drive sales on the platform. Now with the new shoppable stickers feature, you can tag your physical products in your Stories.

When someone clicks on the sticker, they can view relevant product details such as item name, price, and so on. This makes it a lot easier for people to quickly transition from the discovery stage to consideration and then to the buying stage. It simplifies and shortens the shopping journey without making it look like you’re constantly pushing your products.

So don’t forget to use to make the most of these shoppable stickers if you want to drive more sales for your Instagram Shop.

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4: Connect with customers through live streams

According to a Livestream survey, 82% of respondents prefer live video over social posts from brands. This makes sense because live streaming allows you to create an experience in which your followers get to connect and engage with you in real-time without ever having to visit your store.

Use Instagram live streaming to answer pressing questions that people might have about your products or take them behind-the-scenes of your production process. You could also give live product demos to address buying concerns and ease people into the consideration and conversion stages.

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5: Partner with the right influencers

We could all do with a little help. For those who want to drive more revenue for their Instagram Shop, that help could be in the form of influencers. With the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people instantly, influencers could give your Instagram selling efforts a much-needed boost.

The key is to work with influencers who have clout in your target market. Have them review your product, give you a shoutout, run giveaway contests featuring your products, and more. Allow them to introduce your Instagram Shop to their audience so you can gain exposure in the right target group.

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Ready to sell more on the gram?

These key tactics will help you gain visibility with the right audience, capture their attention, and convince them to shop on your Instagram Store. If you need help pulling this off, you can always connect with freelancers on Fiverr with tons of experience handling different aspects of Instagram marketing.

Fiverr Team
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