5 Ways Businesses Can Use Aerial Drone Photography

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April 3, 2023
Drone Photography for Business

While drone photography might once have been an expensive luxury reserved for the uber-techy, today, it's becoming a must-have asset for businesses in various industries. By providing a safe and effective way to capture aerial videos and still overhead photos, drone technology is making a major impact on everything from sales and marketing to safety and security.

Here's a look at some of the ways drones are transforming the ways business is done in several key industries.

1. Real Estate

Finding an excellent professional photographer has long been a critical part of real estate marketing, and while beautiful interior photos still go a long way toward making the sale, aerial photos and videos give potential buyers a whole new perspective.

Drone photos provide up-to-date images of properties, giving buyers a much better look at the location and surrounding area. While commercial real estate agents have been using aerial photography for quite some time, the ease and cost-effectiveness of using drones have made this accessible for all types of real estate marketing, essentially revolutionizing the residential real estate marketplace.

2. Construction

Construction sites are often large and sometimes difficult to access. Drone photography allows construction firms to provide clients with regularly scheduled photo and/or video updates of their progress. The images captured can streamline project timelines, assist with inventory management, and improve site organization.

High-resolution drone images can be turned into 3D models, helping construction crews identify challenges during the pre-construction planning phase. Overhead drone images can also help with tracking equipment and remotely troubleshooting malfunctions.  

3. Roofing

It's now common for roofing companies to provide drone roof inspections, which are safer and can often be done at a lower cost when compared to sending a professional up onto the roof to assess its condition. Aerial photographs can also help roofers create better estimates, allowing for a detailed examination of the roof's peaks, valleys, and ridges as well as more accurate measurements.

Aerial photography and videography can be used to take a roofing company's marketing to the next level, allowing for impressive panoramic shots, before and after photos, and time-lapse videos.

4. Travel & Tourism

In the highly competitive tourism industry, first impressions are everything. Aerial drone photographers can create stunning photos and travel videos that allow potential visitors to view destinations from a unique and exciting perspective.

Drone photography can also allow tourists to get a glimpse of remote destinations that were once left primarily to the imagination. In addition, it can be used to capture thrilling live-action shots, such as a climber scaling a mountain or an action-packed whitewater rafting experience.

5. Event Planning & Promotion

When it comes to event marketing, drone photos, and videos create a real wow factor. Not only can the footage be used for marketing future events, but many event producers are also live-streaming the videos to their websites and/or social media platforms.

Drones can create impressive time-lapse videos, showing an event venue quickly filling up and growing in just a short time. Not only is this great for marketing, but planners can also use the information to determine which areas are most popular, so they can put more focus on those spots when preparing for the next event.

In the pre-planning stage, drone photographs can be used to provide a 2D or 3D map of the location. This can help identify elevation issues that could be problematic and allows planners to continually revisit the site from the comfort of their home or office.

Leverage the Benefits of Drone Photography in Your Business

There are many exciting ways you can use drone photography to level up your business. If you want to stand out from the crowd, now is the time to embrace this powerful technology. Fiverr aerial drone photographers can help you explore the possibilities.

Fiverr Team
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