5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Real Estate Photographer

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April 26, 2023
Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

Did you know that 97% of homebuyers search the internet for a new house? In the digital age, a great picture says more than a thousand words — it can also put more money in your client's pocket.

Listings with more positive attention get more showings, maximizing your client's chance of selling for top dollar. When your home seller's happiness is on the line, it pays to invest in a freelance real estate photographer to drum up the best real estate marketing.

If you're wondering whether a pro is worth the investment, here are five reasons to hire one.

1. Your Client Gets the Best Photos Possible

When you hire a freelance photographer from Fiverr, you can get the best possible listing photos on MLS, Zillow, and other popular online directories. Photographers are experts in the best practices of real estate photography, implementing the right techniques to make your listing shine. They know how to take the right angles to make a small room look the largest and most appealing.

On top of that, photographers have pro-level editing software to get just the right look for each room of the house so that your listing stands out from the others. These won't look photoshopped or fake but just naturally enhanced to make a grand first impression. If there is something intrusive, like a personal family effect in the photo, your photographer can edit it to make it impersonal, which helps the buyer envision the house as a neutral space.

2. You Get the Best Value for Your Investment

Professional photography equipment is expensive. To take excellent photos, you need professional photography gear and vast knowledge of taking excellent photos. High-grade equipment with different types of lenses is critical to taking sharp, clear images that genuinely make an impression. Taking ordinary photos on your smartphone simply won't deliver the same results.

Therefore, hiring a photographer who already has thousands of dollars worth of pro gear and a deep knowledge of best practices is a valuable investment for your marketing material. It's like having access to the best camera without buying it.

3. Houses With Good Photos Sell Quicker

When it comes down to the wire, your client cares about getting top dollar for selling their house. Recent statistics show that listings with high dynamic range images sell 50% faster and have 118% more online views. If you also take the extra step to include aerial photos with a drone, the listing typically sells 68% faster. These stats alone make pro photography a worthwhile investment.

4. You Save Time by Delegating Photography

Marketing a listing is no small feat. Not only do you need to get great images, but you also need to prepare the MLS listing at the office and ensure you get all the important information from your client to make the home marketable. With so much clerical and administrative work, taking care of the photography yourself can take longer to get your listing live.

Delegating the photography will expedite your marketing process with better results. This is especially helpful for larger, busy real estate teams that require all hands on deck to market, show, and represent clients.

5. You'll Get a Major Advantage in a Competitive Industry

Though more agents are investing in pro photography than ever, only 35% of agents hire professional photographers. This means that simply having professional photos will give you an advantage over 65% of comparative listings. This also means that amateur photos can get lost in the crowd and make your listing look less valuable. Getting the right photos up the first time can be a game changer.

Every real estate agent should have a freelance real estate photographer on their team.

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