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4 Online Products Merchants Sold During Covid

Fiverr Team
July 31, 2020

Digital products are intangible media or goods that you can’t touch nor interact within the physical world. Think ebooks, music, templates, online courses, and illustrations that are exclusive to the digital realm. As we rely more on technology, we access music, art, and content through our gadgets. You probably recall saving videos, purchasing ebooks, and consuming online courses as part of your daily life.

During this pandemic, digital products have become one of the easiest and hottest products to sell. There’s no need to worry about replenishing inventory, planning distribution, contactless delivery, and complicated logistical matters. Anyone can easily sell these online resources while social distancing at home. What are these digital products that you can offer? How can they boost your business? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Ebooks and educational courses

The Covid-19 outbreak has led to the unemployment of 36.5 million Americans due to the recession and lockdown. To get back into the job market, many have turned to online courses and ebooks to upgrade their skill set. In fact, the market for online education is estimated to reach $350 Billion by 2025. Business-savvy entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity to offer resources in hopes of converting leads into long-time users. For instance, Learn from Fiverr also offers on-demand courses from the world's top experts about marketing, design, and web development. Students can easily learn in-demand skills that companies will pay for.


2. Digital templates and tools 

Tools and templates are also digital products that professionals need for work. Freelancers launching their business may look for email templates to get in touch with clients. Similarly, job seekers may need resume templates and get their dream job. To offer these digital resources, you don't need to be a niche specialist. If you want to offer resume templates for your subscribers, you can simply hire a professional resume writer on Fiverr.

Source. There’s also a big market for design assets. Web designers may purchase PSD files, fonts, and illustrations that accurately represent a brand. Meanwhile, others need mockups for product presentations and proposals.

Source. There's no need to be an expert graphic designer to create digital templates. Instead, you can check out Fiverr to find graphic designers with vast experience in creating illustrations, presentation templates, and custom fonts that people will pay for.


3. Sell art 

Artists, small-time makers, and musicians can capitalize on their talents and sell their creations online. Talented designers can sell customized shirts online and start their own business. Alternatively, musicians can offer ringtones and digital sheet music. Entrepreneurs that don't have these artistic skills can also find skilled makers on the Fiverr platform.


4. Sell your expertise

The pressure to work from home has opened many people’s eyes to the perks of remote work. Even if the pandemic ends, professionals can continue to work from home and earn through Fiverr. The platform enables freelancers to launch their own businesses and offer digital services to thousands of potential clients. You can easily earn extra bucks by helping small businesses with logo design, social media, and many other tasks.


Ready to create digital products? 

Selling goods and managing inventory may seem like a challenge in the midst of a pandemic. However, digital products provide the ideal solution for those that want to make money with minimal risk. It may seem like you have to be a talented creative to offer digital products. However, you can simply hire a Fiverr freelancer to get the job done for you at an affordable price. Fiverr has hundreds of illustrators and writers that can help you create resume templates, product mockups, and digital assets that you can instantly sell. You can also find online course creators and launch educational resources. What are the digital products that you will sell to thrive in the era of Covid-19? Let us know in the comments.

Fiverr Team
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