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3 Clients Who Found Success with Fiverr

Fiverr Team
March 6, 2020

Fiverr is all about connecting talented freelancers with companies with certain needs. So we are always thrilled to see when sellers not only meet the needs of buyers, but also exceed them.

Growing companies do not always have the means to hire full-time help to solve a certain problem. That's the case for the three Fiverr clients highlighted below, who turned to our collective of freelance workers to fulfill their needs. Here's how these three companies used Fiverr to help them achieve their goals.

1. The Game Agency

The Game Agency is a software development company that builds custom games for educational and corporate training.


The company needed to plug holes on its team when it came to certain roles. "One of the things I love about Fiverr is that we were able to look at a huge roster of really talented artists and bring in the right people for the right project," said Stephen Baer, co-founder and head of creative for The Game Agency.


The Game Agency regularly sources talent using Fiverr on an as-needed basis, like when they are in a pinch and need someone to fill in and lend support to a project. Such roles include game design, audio design, visual design, software development and audio production.


Fiverr has helped The Game Agency gain flexibility in its hiring process depending on their needs and budget at any given time. "It makes the process easy, fast, and makes it stress-free," Baer said.

2. RifRaf Ricotta Cups

RifRaf is a new consumer brand of snackable ricotta cups. Their line up of unexpected flavors include Serrano Pepper Honey and Strawberry Balsamic.


As a new brand, RifRaf needed to find a way to create an effective marketing campaign on a budget. "We don't have a big staff. We're not a well-funded startup. We're looking for a lean, quick and efficient way to create some social content we could use for a campaign," said Will Hickox, Chief Innovation Officer at RifRaf.


RifRaf hired Fiverr seller and stop-motion artist Lena Ortega, who produced five different videos for the company.: "I think we all need a good dose of surprise in our lives, and stop-motion can do that," Ortega said.


"To have someone with such an interesting visual style such as Lena work on these assets for us was great." said David Eisenman CEO of RifRaf. "We're about to put them in market and we're excited to see how they do."

3. Mob Queens Podcast

The Mob Queens Podcast covers the life and times of Anna Genovese, part of the Italian mob who once ran New York City's drag club circuit.


Co-creators and hosts Jessica Bendinger and Michael Seligman soon realized they were each doing what felt like the work of five people while preparing for their podcast, so they turned to Fiverr to take some of the burden from off of their backs.


"Over the years we've use Fiverr for a bunch of things," said Seligman. That list includes logo design, genealogical research and landing pages.


At one point the podcast was running out of time to find a particular person it wanted to interview.

"We were very understaffed and crunched for time and we had a real needle in the haystack situation with the podcast," said Bendinger.

But then they found a seller on Fiverr who was able to solve their dilemma—a genealogy expert.

"Less than a week later he had found and located the granddaughter of our subject, which was a huge break for us," said Bedinger

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Fiverr Team
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