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2016 Fiverr Community Events Recap

Matt Jensen
December 27, 2016
Fiverr community

The holiday hustle is in full swing and the New Year is right around the corner, but here at Fiverr we’re taking a moment to slow down and reflect on 2016. It’s been an exciting year of firsts for us, and it’s all thanks to you, our amazing community members! From contests to photoshoots, to community events across the globe, we’ve been inspired by you and your stories of success.

The Fiverr community truly embodies the spirit of entrepreneurialism and we know 2017 will be an even more successful year!2016 was highlighted by incredible events and people. With the help of small business guru Gary Vaynerchuk, we awarded nine businesses with $3,000 in Fiverr services to completely overhaul their digital brands (read about it here). We held a competition with XPRIZE for Fiverr graphic artists to design the cover of the coveted XPRIZE 2016 Prize Book Francois and the competition).

We had Fiverr artists submit designs for the official Southwest Invasion event poster, receiving countless entries from artists that floored us with their incredible designs (see their amazing work ).2016 also saw the launch of Fiverr’s new Community Teams program, where sellers and buyers come together to lead events and workshops, share best practices, socialize, and help one another achieve even more success on Fiverr.

Community-led events were held in Seattle, Austin, Tampa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Spokane, Orlando, Orange County and New York City! You’ve shared your buyer and seller journeys with us at these events, and we can’t wait to share these amazing stories with the whole Fiverr community. To serve in that effort we’re building a connected, national community across the United States and abroad by establishing Fiverr Community Teams in major cities around the globe. If you’re interested in starting a team in your city, please let us know!

In 2017 we will continue to focus on what makes Fiverr so special: you! We’ll be hosting events in more and more cities, bringing you workshops, social events, and meetups that will focus on bettering your businesses, increasing your revenue, and getting to know your community better. This is a global undertaking that will engage thousands of Fiverr users across the world, creating teams of sellers and buyers that will rise together to success. The goal? To make us all better at what we love to do.

The Fiverr Community Program will be offering multiple workshops in 2017 that will focus on professionalizing your businesses. These will include resources on building your best seller profile, tips and tricks to better your communication with buyers and gain more repeat sales, and ways to be more engaging in the online marketplace. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Top Rated Sellers, gain their insights, and meet other buyers and sellers on the platform.

Meeting with Fiverr community leaders is also a chance to have your voice heard and make contributions to Fiverr as a whole. Our buyers and sellers have the best insights on how to make Fiverr better, and we need your insights to help us grow. The Fiverr community is truly at it’s best when we’re together.

If you’d like to get involved in events near you, reach out! Every buyer and seller is welcome to join in our movement towards a brighter, more successful future. Sign up HERE to make 2017 our best yet.

Questions? Contact one of our Organizers! Beth Wiesendanger, NYC beth.w@fiverr.comRory Gilmartin, NYC rory.g@fiverr.comGraham Klemm, San Francisco graham.k@fiverr.comTyler Paxton, San Francisco tyler.p@fiverr.comFrom all of us here at Fiverr, we wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Where would you like to see a Fiverr community meetup? What kind of events would you like to attend in 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt Jensen
Growing and engaging communities for 10 years, I engage Fiverr's digital communities. Helping both sellers and buyers colaborate and share ideas with each other.
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