Level Systems Update: What Fiverr Sellers Need to Know

Our levels system is moving onwards and upwards.

Over the past seven years, the Fiverr community has grown and evolved tremendously. More than 10 million Gigs have been posted, with an average of nearly one million transactions each month in the past year. We aim to represent the massive amount of talent on our platform in the best possible way. So we are updating Fiverr seller level system. Beginning on January 15, 2018, we will evaluate Fiverr sellers on a monthly basis. To learn more about the standards view the updated section in your analytics page.

We know big changes like this can be confusing, so we’ve outlined some frequently asked questions about the updates below to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please let us know if you have any other questions, comments or concerns during this process.

Below are some questions that may be on your mind—and some answers that will hopefully calm some of your concerns.

When is the first seller evaluation?

The first evaluation will take place on January 15, 2018. From there, it will repeat on an ongoing basis on the 15th of each month.

Are all current promotions/demotions stopped until the first evaluation?

No, The current rules remain in place until the first evaluation on 1/15.

What should I do to keep up my current level?

Look at the updated level view on your analytics page. You will be able to see the standards you need to keep in order to maintain your current level, with a focus on your performance when working with buyers. Keep up the good work you’re doing now and there should be no issue.

What should I do in order to move up to the next level?

Your analytics page should also outline the standards you need to achieve in order to move up to the next level. These prerequisites are different for each level, but one requirement is the same across the board: all sellers must maintain a high level of service when working with buyers.

Will the top-rated level promotion continue to be manual?

The Fiverr team carefully reviews the type of service offered, quality of the deliveries, and the seller’s overall performance in order to evaluate the seller’s appropriate level. Thus top-level sellers will continue to be hand-selected in order to maintain the highest possible standards.

How do you calculate my seniority?

Seller seniority is calculated from the date that a seller first published a Gig. So a seller that had a Gig published in 2016 would be more senior than a seller whose first published Gig was in 2018.

What is the “days without warning” standard?

Above all, we aim to keep our marketplace safe and fair. Any seller who violates our terms of service receives a warning—and if the offenses continue, the seller may be removed from Fiverr. In the updated system, sellers must ensure they’re not violating our rules or risk a level drop.

Sometimes a buyer and I cannot resolve an issue, so an order is mutually canceled. Will that affect my order completion and my level?

The order completion rate calculation is based on the number of orders you have completed over the last 60 days. If you consistently provide a quality service—and you only sell a service that you’re able to provide—one canceled order shouldn’t hurt your level status. In general, to keep your current level, you should aim to keep your completion rate above 90% in the past 60 days.

I get spammed by many users in my inbox, is this going to affect my response rate and my level?

Immediately report any inappropriate message which isn’t professional and/or related to the service. Our Trust & Safety team review these messages carefully. If it is found to be spam, then it will not affect your response rate.

I’ve already achieved a top level, but I didn’t earn the new amount required for my level. Will I be demoted?

Don’t worry, doers—in the updated system, an existing seller cannot be demoted just because the earning isn’t as required in the updated terms. As long as you maintain your response rate, deliver complete orders on time, and continue to receive good ratings, you will keep your current level. You’ll be only demoted if you are unable to meet these standards—and in order to be promoted back up, you’ll need to meet the earnings standards again.


  • Deliver all orders on time! If you recognize that an order requires more work than originally planned, make sure to extend the delivery time of the order through the resolution located on the order page. Don’t try to skirt the system and deliver unfinished work as this is against Fiverr Terms of Service and will affect your level.
  • If you receive many messages, you can always set a quick-response autoreply to help you manage your inbox.
  • We take our Terms of Service very seriously. If you violate our TOS, it will affect your eligibility for promotion. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these rules and abide by them in your day-to-day Fiverr interactions.
  • If you are struggling to manage incoming orders and deliver them on time, consider using the limit orders in queue feature. This allows you to set a limit on your inflow of orders so you can make sure you provide outstanding service and delivery.

Have questions about the level system update? Head over to the forum to discuss further!

Adi Margolis
I'm a product group manager at Fiverr and I'm responsible for helping both buyers and sellers to have a delighted experience on our platform.
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Why Fiverr treating us like their company employees? We are not their employees we are freelancers, we provide our own services and we pay them 20% commission for using their platform.. Why they fools are not understanding some buyers are idiots they place the order without reading discription and we have to cancel the order,then it will be mutual cancellation.. We should not be effected with the mutual cancellation.. Its totally unfair for sellers.. Fiverr is money eating company they also takes money from our tips.. Now I am looking for the another freelancer platform.. They forcing us to leave… Read more »

Nice update overall, although I’m not too happy about how nothing was done regarding the “mutually agreed cancellation” issue. Every single one of my cancellations was due to people not contacting me before purchasing (as is clearly stated in my description). Why not just make it an option for sellers to enforce that they are contacted before people are able to place an order?


Same for me too, I build website for my clients. In my category a buyer must contact me because a website can be various types as well there can be price variations and as well complexity.

Sometimes buyers orders without contacting me which is already mentioned in my gig description. Therefore I had to cancel some orders.

In this case it will be hard for me to maintain my level 2 badge.

I request fiverr stuffs, if you read this, please take a look at this point too. 🙁


Oh good, I’m not the only one with this issue. Seriously, why am I dinged when the buyers are the ones not following directions.

Asif Ullah

same here. many time i receive orders and i have clearly mention in my gig description to inbox me before placing order. i have also created a compulsory question of my gig that “have you contact us before placing order” but still same issue.


Fiverr have option about answer is mandatory or not when you make you gig at the end one option is appear which is asking about give seller some info and then your order will be started so you can set this option in your gig so you can not receive full order until and unless buyer not filled that required info!


Not a fan of this update. Then again I am also not a fan of Fiverr taking a 20% minimum commission on all gigs including tips which lets be honest has nothing to do with the functionality of fiverr and everything to do with how we represent fiverr. Tell ya what, seeing as you are going to tighten our leash as sellers, why not give us our extra $1 on the 5 of our tips back at the same time.


I got a tip on my last order and they took commission off of it. I was shocked and surprised, too. Other retailers don’t get a cut of their employee’s tips – why here? I’ve already paid my fee for their processing services with their 20% commission.


It’s easy… if fiverr doesn’t take their 20% from tips, every seller could take advantage of this by selling a $5 gig and then have an agreement with the client to pay more on the tip the “real” cost of the gig.


awesome! very researchable step. Fiverr always takes update step and fulfill clients demands.


thanks fiverr! now we get a way to get top rate on fiverr.


Counting cancellation levels (Orders Completed) it’s just ridiculous. It shouldn’t be like that. Every week I have orders from buyers who don’t read description and ordering ridiculous things (I have an information to contact me before ordering in 2 places in the description and it does not help). It is not my fault that I have to mutually cancel the order.

**Mutual cancellation should not be counted in the rating.**


Fiverr update is very well but fiverr is minimum rate $5 If a new seller sell 10 gig only $50 more then per sell $10 so $100 also per sell $15 then $150. So I think fiverr level system $400 income is not well system. Please consider fiverr level system $$$ budget order not problem minimum 20 but earn budget is not well because fiverr starting price $5.

Thanks fiverr for update system.

Waruna Prasad Madusanka
Waruna Prasad Madusanka

Thanks a lot.
Can you explain , demote system check all standards for demoting .

I’m not sure if I’m missing something but if I have read this update correctly, I am very underwhelmed by the fact that to become a level 2 seller I must now have earned 2k. Every current level 2 seller only needed 50 gigs and good performance til now. Surely this cannot be necessary having 100% performance stats like I do. This means when I hit 50 which is only 4 gigs away, that I will still need to sell another 170 gigs at my base price to reach 2k sales. That is a massive setback in my opinion and… Read more »

Unfortunately this completion rate % is too high, forcing us to work and deliver orders for those buyers who dont completely read our gigs description. or those “ordered by mistake, please cancel”. The number of unsatisfied will raise and impact fiverr’s name for sure. It’s a great way to manage our performance, but it wasn’t well thought before applying.

Akramul Hasan
Akramul Hasan

Personally I am happy regarding this update. Would be appreciated more if there has any option to ignore the affect of mutually cancelled order. Therefore now it’s clear what should I actually do to be a top rated. It will reduce unprofessional activities. Nice and thanks to fiverr team.


This is very informative. I will take into consideration all that was discuss and apply it.


Awesome update.Some sellers work with the lowest budget ($5).


This is very effective change.


this kind of update improved seller responsibility very much. thanks 🙂


Helpful Article.


As we were waiting for this type of a transparent system, we believe our efforts will be paid off.

Will try to improve all areas of the service, assigning dedicated staff fro the same


Please i have a question why is fiverr deporting Africans fiverr is now turning to a racial discrimination site only USA make huge money


So what now, to maintain 90% of non-cancellation I will have to somehow without FIVER knowing return the money to the buyer via PayPal and ask him to accept never done work and in that way I will have my +90% cancellation rate.


I was blocked from Fiverr for spamming, where the SPAM was actually a follow-up with clients asking how their business is and providing an FREE valuable material.

Businessp4u – Earning thousands of $ with my commission of 20% each year.

When there was a warning, I wasn’t demoted to one Level Down but BLOCKED without any explanation for the situation.

Why is that?