Gig Economy News: 2018 Recap

We're counting down the top Gig Economy moments of 2017.—and you're invited!

With just a few days remaining in 2017, now is a great time to reflect back and think about all the things we have learned. For the last Gig Economy News of the year, we’re counting down to 2018 with a round up of our favorite news items of 2017. So put on your party hats and take a stroll down memory lane with all of this year’s greatest hits:


January was a month of optimism, excitement, and predictions as we imagined that in 2017 robots would take over the world, will simultaneously human relationships would become more important than ever. We also tried to help you become your best version of yourself while also staying motivated by setting realistic, but ambitious, goals.


We know that when February rolls around it’s easy to start to slump on your New Year’s resolutions, so we made sure to share tips for staying productive. At the same time, we made sure you were using goals to help yourself progress and ensure you were focusing on worthwhile endeavors. We also reminded you how and when to get help to support your business’ growth so you wouldn’t burn out.


Powered by January goals and February efforts, we realized that March was a great time to take stock and focus on offering your customers excellent service even when it seems like everything is going wrong. As Spring arrived, we also learned how to use language to build yourself up as well as how to put a fresh spin on your unique story.   


We jumped right into spring with a story of how entrepreneurs turn challenges into success stories. We also learned how to harness an influencer’s power for your brand. As wanderlust struck, we learned about how to be a nomadic entrepreneur or how to pursue your dream without quitting your day job. Of course, we’re only human, so we also took a moment to be humble as well and build a team you can rely on.


April showers bring May flowers, but for us here at Fiverr May was all about re-focusing and getting organized by maximizing your resources and knowledge. We did a little spring cleaning and sprucing up so that you could grow and succeed. Overall, May was a time for experimenting and breaking out of our shells.


As the sun started shining, we took the opportunity to talk a bit more about social media trends and how to implement them intelligently, as well as how to think outside the marketing box. In case you were getting antsy, we also took a moment to remember what it’s all about and how to be our own cheerleaders.  


July was a big month here at Fiverr HQ as we launched Fiverr Pro! Can you believe that it was half a year ago that we were explaining the ins and outs of what has since become a Fiverr fixture? Overall it was a month of inspiration. We encouraged you to shoot for the moon even while keeping your feet on the ground and staying authentic – most importantly we reminded you to always stay positive.   


The year flew by and suddenly it was time to talk about staying on your toes to avoid getting complacent. We reminded you that one of the best ways to cultivate your business is to cultivate leads and that it was a good time to take a close hard look at your company’s culture. We also released our eye-opening entrepreneurship report and gave you some tips to hack your growth.


No matter how old you are, September is back to school season, so we hit the books and learned all about chatbots, the magic of data, and how to implement video in your marketing plan. We also brushed up on our productivity strategies and even how to make procrastination work for you. Of course, back to school season can be quite expensive so we also checked out the highest-value Gigs and how to turn time into money with a virtual assistant.


Once we had gone back to basics it was time to think ahead. That’s why in October we explored how to optimize as well as expand your freelancing and even how to use your work to make the world a better place. In order to keep you moving forward, we also showed you some motivational videos as well as tips on how to make your own.


As it got colder, we made sure to help you stay healthy and keep your business relationships healthy, too. For those who may need an injection of energy and cash in order to get on solid ground, we talked about how to run a successful campaign on a crowdfunding platform. If it was time that was getting you down, we offered a list of time-saving AI’s that could help you turn things around.


And finally, this month we celebrated the holidays, thought about how to take control of our own futures by building good habits that’ll last. Now we’re ready to celebrate the end of an amazing year and get ready for even greater things to come! Keep an eye out in early January for some incentives to do even more, in 2018.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments!

Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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I started Fiverr in Nov and not afraid of starting anything new again because fiverr has given me a good experience and strength.


I I also want to do work on fiver,but i don’t know how to work here…..




I introduce Fiverr to some to some of my friends last year and am happy that they are now doing good and meeting all their needs + putting more than just food on their tables.

Thank you Fiverr Team keep up the good work!


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