Fiverr Pro: One Hell of a Year


About a year ago when we launched Fiverr Pro, we had big hopes, but couldn’t imagine just how much it would take off. In 2018 alone, our Pro marketplace has experienced 400% growth and expanded to nearly 50% of the categories of the larger Fiverr marketplace. We’re talking a month-over-month growth of 21.5% on average. Which is insane! And that’s all because of you, our amazing community.

The growth of Pro extends beyond pure volume–it’s also attracting larger businesses. Let’s get into some of the fun facts, shall we? Pro buyers with over 25 employees have increased their spend on Pro services by almost 12x their first quarter 2018 spend. And larger businesses coming to Pro for help not only speaks to the quality of the talent on Pro, but showcases how bigger and more complex projects can be done with ease. We’ll pause here for applause.

Our goal for creating Fiverr Pro was simple: solve the growing problem businesses today face around easily accessing world-class talent. After all, finding great help quickly can be a huge challenge, even in a connected digital economy. Pro allows businesses to quickly engage high-end, hand-vetted talent with a single click, and our rigorous application process means that Fiverr Pro boasts some of the most noteworthy creators in the world.

So what do our Pro buyers look like? Well, probably a lot like yourself. Take a look at some fast facts about the awesome businesses that are choosing to find talent on Fiverr Pro.

  • Primarily U.S.-based: 58% of Pro buyers are based in the U.S., with New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago being the most common cities.
  • Wide Breadth of Industries: Pro buyers are more likely to come from the Software and Internet, Management Consulting, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech industries.

  • High Demand for Creative Services: The Video & Animation category dominates when it comes to Pro buyer orders, with a large portion of order volume spent on Pro in the Online Marketing and Writing & Translation categories. Live Action Explainers and Short Video Ads are the subcategories where Pro buyers are likely to spend more.

And who are these Pro buyers working with? Well, some of the world’s most well-known creatives, of course.

You likely heard that Apple logo designer Rob Janoff joined Fiverr Pro, along with freelancers with experience working with top brands like Sony, Vodafone, and Google. But that’s just the start.

Recently, we announced our partnership with Wyclef Jean, one of the world’s biggest creative talents, who is helping us open our Pro Music & Audio category. Aspiring bands and musicians have the opportunity to tap Wyclef for mentorship, advice, and critiques of their work, all within the Fiverr Pro platform.

And it’s only getting better. After launching with just four categories, Fiverr Pro has swelled to include over 40. The breadth of talent illustrates how businesses are increasingly finding ways to use top talent to get what they need done. Oh, and we almost forgot the best part—today, we’re unveiling a fresh look and environment for Fiverr Pro. Check out its new home, now!

Haven’t tried Pro yet? What are you waiting for?! You could be the next Fortune 500 company, growing start-up or brilliant entrepreneur to tap the incredible talent of Fiverr Pro. So, join the thousands of happy customers and get your next project done on Pro, today.

Sam Katzen
Sam runs Fiverr’s communications department, focusing on the policies, the products and the initiatives that drive Fiverr’s global community of doers.