6 Reasons Why High-Quality Product Photography is an Absolute Must for Your Business

Snap to it, doers!

Product photography is a critical element for most businesses that sell goods online. But many companies and marketing teams do not invest enough in quality pictures because they underestimate its significance.

This is a critical error because although you may not realize it, your product images impact your customers’ perceptions. Those perceptions dramatically influence your brand and, ultimately, your bottom line. That’s why many companies across all online sales verticals have been investing more in product photography—and why we just introduced a new Fiverr Pro Product Photography subcategory to help you get the photos your business needs.

Here are 6 reasons why high-quality product photography is an absolute must for your company or small biz.

  1. First impressions are everything.

According to researchers at the Human-Oriented Technology Lab at Carleton University in Canada, people begin making impressions within 50 milliseconds of seeing something. That’s one-twentieth of a second.

When consumers are shopping, it means the first thing they will see, and both consciously as well as subconsciously process, are your images. Creating a positive first impression is so valuable because it will guide the future steps of your buyer.

With the huge amount of sales pitches consumers hear each day, you have to stick out from the crowd. Consequently, high-quality product photos can immediately get you off on the right foot, without even saying a word.

  1. Images tell a lot about your company and brand.

Your brand image is influenced by each aspect of your online presence, from your website, to social media accounts. Product photos are one of the most important influences on this image because of how many there are. People associate you with your products, and your products are directly tied to how they look online to the naked eye.

When consumers have nothing to base your brand off of except your site and images of your products, the photographs become paramount. Therefore, high-quality photos can help your brand appear more professional.

The more professional you appear, the bigger impact it has on your success. It can earn you more press, lead to quicker growth, and even attract future employees. You carry your brand image everywhere that you go, making it mission-critical.

  1. Images can dramatically impact sales.

This dramatically impacts sales as well. Whether or not a consumer buys your product is directly tied to their perceptions of both your brand and the product(s).

Regardless of the true quality of your offering, if it doesn’t look the part, consumers may move on. When your products look attractive on the web, though, sales will probably go up. Buyers will be more likely to pull the trigger and may feel more comfortable with their purchase.

  1. Photos can lead to more large-scale buyers.

Large-scale buyers such as companies, organizations, or even middle-men, tend to care about product images.

When they’re making a decision, there is usually more capital behind it. There’s also more bureaucracy, though. That means that they often need more approvals and other sets of eyes to glance over a purchase.

Therefore, having low-quality images can almost immediately take you off the table for these big buyers. The potential buyer may move on even more quickly when they know they have to convince other decision-makers at the company.

When you have clean images that big buyers can share proudly with their team, on the other hand, you will have a better chance of capturing high-impact deals.

  1. Images subliminally drive user opinions.

Outside of a single sale, your photography is directly correlated to how consumers perceive you.

High-quality images lead to many positive associations that can help you long-term. They create a direct linkage in a buyer’s mind to you being a better company, as well as more trustworthy.

This leads to more returning buyers as well as a higher frequency of brand promotion from one customer to the next.

  1. Superior photos maximize all your other efforts.

You have already done a huge portion of the work. You built the site, you set up e-commerce infrastructure, and your products are ready to go. To lose a customer because you did not take strong enough images would be a shame.

Instead, you should use images that will compliment all your other efforts. This means making solid product photos an emphasis and putting in the necessary investment. It will be worthwhile.

So there you have it. A focus on improving your product photography is one huge way to improve how potential clients and partners perceive your business, and ultimately, how successful it’ll be.

Have any tips or tricks for capturing great product images? Or other ways product photography has improved your business? Share in the comments below!

Yoav Hornung
Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. I’m responsible for making the category a professional and up to date service for both - Buyers and Sellers. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at Veed.me, video production marketplace that was acquired by Fiverr.