Work With Me, Not For Me: Zombie’s Buyer Success Story

Zombie Thirteen (yes, really) and is a DIY musician who uses Fiverr for "pretty much everything."

Zombie Thirteen (yes, that’s his name!) is a self-proclaimed “DIY” musician, Fiverr buyer, and aspiring Fiverr seller, who loves to combine music, art, and video. He stumbled on Fiverr after a search for a saxophone musician came up short, and it’s been his go-to ever since. Here’s Zombie’s success story:

Who Am I?

My name is Zombie Thirteen (yes, really) and I’ve been a DIY musician for almost 15 years now.  I’m from Los Angeles, California and currently live in San Diego, where I’m usually performing live or working on various projects combining music and art. I use Fiverr mostly for when I’m in a bind and need a dedicated person to help with a specific task.

My motivation comes from my drive to achieve my goals, whether it’s learning a song on my guitar, promoting my band to perform with major acts, or learning a specific video skill to edit a video in a certain way, it’s what I love to do because it fuels my creativity and enables me to think in different ways to achieve a goal in mind. To me, that’s the most rewarding thing about creating art, music, or a video, seeing how other people relate to something you created and enjoy experiencing it as much as you did creating it.

How I Found Fiverr

I stumbled on Fiverr after doing a few Google searches for a Saxophone emulator for a cover I was working on, it wasn’t working out as well as I wanted. Then I noticed a link to Fiverr promoting services for $5, I clicked on it and found a real saxophone player that would be able to play what I needed and I instantly put Fiverr as my go to for everything.

I use Fiverr for pretty much everything I either don’t have time to do, or am not that good at doing, it’s been a huge help and has gotten a lot of positive results.

I’m still not good at some things I rely on Fiverr for, but I have been getting better at being more organized and structured with my projects, which I feel will come in handy once I set out to offer my services on Fiverr.

One project I did through Fiverr that I’m really looking forward to is a David Bowie-inspired Photoshop that I’ll be creating a few art pieces from, kinda like a tribute. I took inspiration from David Bowie’s 1969 Egyptian photo shoot and had one of my own, dressed and posed similarly like him, then I had those pictures cropped up by someone on Fiverr and I’ll be painting backgrounds for all the different pictures, which will then be printed out and framed.

To Infinity and Beyond

Last year, I organized a promo package and went on Fiverr to hire a few different people in different locations to promote an upcoming album I was working on to blog sites, social media, music pages, and music critics. It was a big campaign and I saw a great return in views and new fans, but what I didn’t expect was to have record companies eyeing me and checking my music and videos. A few months after that, I got an email from a record company asking if I had any music from the album I was working on that I could share with them, I sent them a rough demo and they liked it and offered me a record deal to release that album once it was done. It has taken my dedication to my music to a higher level since now there is a broader scope for me to show the world my art.

Fiverr has changed my life. It offers a huge pool of artists and like-minded doers that don’t work for me, but rather with me to achieve the goal I have in mind for a certain project or idea. I look forward to paying it forward by offering the same services I needed help with when I started on Fiverr—providing the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from my own art and sharing it with other doers.

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Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.