Why Do I Need a Design Brief? [DOWNLOAD]


Steve Jobs only gave me four words of direction:  “Don’t make it cute.” Brief, indeed—but it gave me what I needed to create the Apple logo.

Great logos don’t pop out of thin air. To get a result that embodies your brand, designers like me need to know a little about you, your business, and your taste. The answers to these questions will help your designer understand your needs in order to craft a logo as quickly (and elegantly) as possible.

Click here to download the brief I use to learn a little bit more about my clients. Complete it thoroughly and send your designer as you get started on Fiverr to get the most out of your freelance relationship. Or better yet, send me a message me on Fiverr Pro.

Want to know more about Rob Janoff’s creative process? Ask him in the comments below! 

Rob Janoff
Legendary graphic designer Rob Janoff is perhaps best known for creating the iconic Apple logo in 1977. Rob has gone on to work with companies as diverse as IBM, Intel, DinersClub International, Kraft Foods, Frangelico Liqueur, Kleenex, Payless Shoes, Simon & Shuster, John Deere and more. Over the past six years, he has been working internationally with his Australian business partner for companies such as Lucas UK, Crooz Japan, and LJ Hooker Australia. Now on Fiverr Pro, Rob Janoff and his studio are a team of creatives with an unparalleled track record of success. Send him a message on Fiverr to get started on your brilliant new brand.

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Alex Safari

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