Tips to Keep Developing Yourself and Your Business

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Entrepreneurs can’t be too specialized. They need to have knowledge and capabilities in multiple fields in order to keep their business growing. When an entrepreneur encounters a task that they don’t know how to complete, they approach the challenge with a willingness to ask for help and learn new skills.

Here are some tips for developing yourself, your business and taking your abilities to the next level.

The Power of Words

Have you noticed that more and more videos on YouTube have captions transcribed on them? More and more podcasts are offering a transcription of the content? It’s not a coincidence, while audio and video media can greatly enrich your website and even improve your search engine ranking, there is a limit to how search engines can understand such media. Check out our post on why you should consider transcriptions for your media and how it can boost your SEO efforts.

Get Quality Customers

You might have heard of the phrase “cost of acquisition”. This refers to how much money it costs to get a new customer, from your marketing budget to your manpower hours. What you may not realize is that not all customers are equal. Some customers have the potential to be great advocates for your brand, and hooking the best customers can be a better use of your resources. Take a look at these tips from Inc on how to get the best customers out there for your business.

Unleash Your Power to Influence

In today’s market, your personal capital is just as important as your monetary capital. Influencing others puts you and your business in the spotlight and offers incomparable opportunities for becoming an authority in your field. Becoming an influencer doesn’t have to come naturally, it’s a skill that you can develop.

Manage Your Ambitions

No matter how good your people skills are, managing others is a skill as much as any other aspect of running a business. Finding the right balance between being trustworthy and being an authority figure is not an easy task, and most people stumble before they find their pace. Improve your chances of getting it right from the start and check out these books recommended by Business Insider on the art of management.

What’s a challenge that became a surprising opportunity for you? Tell us in the comments!

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This is interesting,

A challenge that became an opportunity for me was…Some might find this funny but It’s true. We all know how Joomla can be a pain in the a** sometimes and luckily for me i got an offer to move a Joomla to a WordPress Blog, Something I’ve never done before, i ended up taking the offer and i successfully moved the blog to WordPress without losing a data (Thanks to Google for that) and that was how i ended up moving blogs from Joomla to WordPress.

Thanks for the tips