Promoting Other Sellers Over Herself: Fiverr Super Seller Oldbittygrandma


An active community member, oldbittygrandma (aka Jo) has been selling on Fiverr for over a year now. Her Gigs range from video intros and script writing to video greetings.

Jo always offers helpful advice to sellers on Facebook and LinkedIn. What makes her stand out is how much of her time she spends promoting not just her own Gigs, but the Gigs of other Fiverr sellers online.

Being a savvy communicator, we asked Jo to share some secrets from her “Seller Toolbox”. Here are her top 5 tips for communicating with buyers.

Lessons to Earn By

  1. Thank your buyer so they know you received your order and are working on it.
  2. Make a ‘template’ document to answer common questions and remember to personalize it for each buyer.
  3. Ask buyers to approve a draft and finalize work details on the order page.
  4. For multiple orders, designate one for delivery and place that order number on the additional orders for tracking.
  5. Update your buyer when Gigs take more than one day to deliver.
  6. Create ‘template’ messages for deliveries that can be customized for each order.
  7. To make sure you and your buyer are on the same page, send a draft for approval.
  8. Prep instructions with video or screenshots to help you provide explanations about your Gig.

oldbittygrandma, thank you for sharing these helpful tips with us and the Fiverr community.

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