Presenting Deckstack: Free Presentation Templates for Freelancers

Make your work look even better than ever.

The difference between getting that next meeting, sealing a deal or winning a client can sometimes be as simple as having the right presentation. Looking polished, professional and creative is key when working independently, so you can show clients the best side of yourself, and inspire confidence that you’re the best person for the job.

But what do you do if you’re not a design-person, or never really learned your way around a Powerpoint? How can you stand out?

The good folks at AND CO from Fiverr are here to help. They’ve put together an eye-catchingly awesome set of free templates for your presentation, mood board, and proposal needs, called Deckstack 2 (They released  Deckstack 1 a few months ago—in case you want even more awesome templates).  

Make your presentations even more awesome (and beautiful) using these *free* templates.

Even if you’ve never touched a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation before, you’ll be able to navigate these templates and customize them to your needs. Better yet, they’ll look incredible, because these templates feature stunning fonts and beautiful, high-definition photos from ‘Death to Stock’, meaning you won’t have to worry about your work standing out.  

So, if you’re looking to save time with your next project without sacrificing quality, check out DeckStack 2, here.

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Mario Gabriele
Mario currently works in Business Strategy at Fiverr. Prior to that he served as AND CO’s Chief of Staff. He received his MPA and BA from Columbia University.