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Why 3D Designers Should Invest in Real Estate

Fiverr Team
March 7, 2021

As we continue overcoming the challenges of COVID-19, many businesses are finding innovative ways to capture, retain, and sell to prospective buyers. While some businesses are suffering during the wake of the pandemic, the real estate industry is thriving. 

Real estate agents can benefit from incorporating 3D floor plans, landscape visualizations, and virtual staging into their online listings. Let's see how 3D designers can tap into this exciting market.

Why Incorporate 3D Plans Into Real Estate Listings

Even though there's widespread stay-at-home orders and lockdowns throughout the country, those realities aren't slowing down the real estate industry. The only thing hampering these efforts is prospective buyers feeling hesitant about visiting homes for in-person showings.

The solution? 3D designers are stepping in to fill that gap. They're creating floorplans, interior and exterior mockups, landscape visualizations, and virtual tours. These efforts accommodate the booming shop-from-home ideology. Not only do these home designs help real estate agents increase commissions, but they also close deals quicker. 

Why Freelance Graphic Designers Should Jump on This Trend

Technology helps agents figure out who is looking and who has an interest in properties much quicker. When they use a graphic designer, that means you can help real estate agents completely change the home buying process.

Even though visuals are an essential part of marketing strategies, the real estate industry is where selling happens directly because of how something looks. While catalogs and flyers help, the real benefit is when potential buyers can walk through a property. That's where your 3D design prowess can shine. Jumping on this trend means you're helping real estate agents show off their properties from all angles online.

Potential buyers know what they want, and you can help meet their expectations with 3D renderings of the interior, exterior, and landscapes of the properties they like the most.

What You Can Bring to the Table

As 3D modeling proliferates the real estate market, agents can show properties to multiple clients simultaneously. Highlighting your strengths as a 3D designer is critical as the market becomes grows in competition. Below are a few exciting examples of how you can tap into the real estate market with your skills:

3D Exterior Designs

Here's where you can showcase what's on the outside of the listing. If the home's property features a garden in the front and a painted deck, that's what the 3D rendering should contain. Prospective buyers love a home's curb appeal, and that's what you're featuring in these renderings. When someone walks up onto a property, the first thing they see is its exterior. Its beauty helps people envision whether or not they'll receive a warm welcome when walking through the door.

3D Interior Graphic Designs

Instead of focusing on new designs for this type of work, you're creating renderings of the listing's interior. Making this rendering look at realistic as possible is critical. The main reason is that prospective buyers want to see renderings depicting what's inside the home. For example, if the kitchen has brass drawer pulls, they don't want to see a brushed nickel finish. These renderings also show prospective buyers where they can make changes, upgrades, or additions with an architect.

Landscape visualizations

Here is an excellent opportunity to create a 3D rendering that develops an emotional connection with potential buyers. Using this type of professional imagery creates a profound impact on potential buyers. Landscape visualizations allow you to show potential buyers what properties could look like after working with a landscape designer or architect.

The Future of 3D Graphic Design and Real Estate is Here

If you're a 3D graphic designer, now is the time to tap into the real estate market. As more and more people want to shop-at-home, your skills can give potential home buyers a virtual glimpse into the properties they love. Bring your skills to the table by showcasing your desire to create 3D renderings of interiors, exteriors, and landscape visualizations. Go the extra mile with Fiverr 3D designers

Fiverr Team
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